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Castle Gate Theory Part 2

Coming back to the story from Part 1, the owner decided to ask me help look for a new premise. We surveyed the area for a while and there were few choices but wasn’t very good. Why this first step is so important? Listen to this video.

Then we chanced upon an empty lot which was a laundry business that went bust. So my client was rather apprehensive since the last owner did not make it, would it be wise for her to trust my advice to take up this unit?

She decided to take that leap of faith and decided to rent the shop as per my advice. After I studied the formation surrounding this property, I selected the perfect formation that would be great for both Wealth as well as Human Factor.

Following my advice, she did everything I asked her to do to the tee, from the doors, tables, sitting position etc.

It was in end of February 2018 they moved into the shop according to the auspicious date but they only started business there full force after March 2018. April went by, May was the Malaysia 14th General Elections where Malaysia saw a change in government for the first time since independence, which is about 61 years.

The Feng Shui Formation

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Castle Gate Theory Part 1

Castle gate theory 城门诀 is one of the most sought mystery in a Feng Shui. Many practitioners are still not familiar with the usage and application. There are even books written on this subject alone! However, there are many versions of Castle Gate Theory. However, the version I will be writing is the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star version.

In order to understand this theory we should first understand : What is a Castle Gate 城门? Below picture is the Castle Gate.

This brings me to a case done early of this year. Its a true story I think it’s worth sharing. My client had an old office which I audited last year. That office was having bad feng shui and the previous master couldn’t identify the issue. Of course the master could not understand because even though he is an old master, he came without a Luopan or Chinese Geomancy compass.

He uses a technique based on Yi Jing Feng Shui called the Xing Fa 形法 or literally translate to English as the Shape Method. This method is to take a view of surrounding and conclude the good and bad of feng shui. Some of the method he used was like hanging of paintings of Mountain and Waters. Then there was the famous Wealth Corner technique. A common taboos of feng shui are all include in this method such as your main door should not see another door or room, where to place pots of plants outside your house etc. In the western market, this technique is know as Internal Landforms Feng Shui. Continue reading “Castle Gate Theory Part 1”

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Xuan Kong Liu Fa 玄空六法

Xuan Kong LiuFa  – A Brief History

Master Tan Yang Wu acquired his Flying Star feng shui knowledge from Yang Jiu Ru who is the relative of Zhang Zhong Shan, the lineage holder of Wu Chang Flying Star system. At the time when Yang Jiu Ru taught him, Yang was already at an old age of 71.

He started his practice soon and did both Yin and Yang Zhai feng shui. After a while he found that he was stuck with his progress and one day while still in frustration, he met a Master named Lee Chen Xu. Lee later taught Tan Xuan Kong LiuFa.
(Note: Yin Zhai – Ancestral Burial feng shui; Yang Zhai – House feng shui)
Sometime in the 1930’s Tan published in the newspaper to apologized to his clients and offered to redo their ancestral grave for free should they come to see him. This is because he just realised that Flying Star is not suitable for Yin Feng Shui and that Liu Fa is the correct method for Yin Feng Shui.
Master Tan did not give up Flying Star, he was honourable enough to owe up to his mistake and promise to redo it. Today you can hardly find this kind of master’s around. At the same time, his competitors tries to bad name Master Tan Flying Star and accused him of giving up Flying Star totally in favour of LiuFa.
Master Tan YW later taught XKLF to Master Sui Beng and passed him the book Xuan Kong Ben Yi about the time of the 2nd World war started. Master Sui Beng later passed on this book to Master Leyau.
Interestingly, Master Leyau once told me that Master Sui Beng used LiuFa system to Feng shui his temple and he was able to run the temple and the charitable services with the donations collected for many years.
Sample of Xuan Kong Ben Yi in the market.

Xuan Kong LiuFa  – A Brief Introduction

Liu Fa 六法 can be translated to the meaning of 6 method or 6 ways or 6 concepts of Feng Shui.
The six methods are:
  1. The Golden Dragon
  2. The Ci Xiong
  3. Ai Xing Stars
  4. Concept of Xuan Kong
  5. Cheng Men or Castle Gate
  6. The Tai Sui method
They are the summary of all the methods of vital to the understanding of feng shui and how to set up a good feng shui formation.
This differentiates why some feng shui master can give a sudden good spike of luck and then dies down or why some after setting up the feng shui formation, brings bad effects to the clients. Some clients gain wealth but later end up in divorce, in-filial children or poor health.

Feng Shui has to be a trend! A trend means a longer term up slope something like the graph below.


The reason they are unable to set a lasting formation is because they have not understood well the 6 concepts or LiuFa of feng shui.

Liufa and Flying Star

There are many similarities in both Liufa and Flying Star but at the same time there are many differences. Some are terminology differences while some are application differences.

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Feng Shui of Hyatt Hotel Singapore…Controversies or Confusion ?

As I prepare for the upcoming course in Kuala Lumpur, I came across some case studies that I suddenly thought of the Hyatt Singapore.

Many feng shui articles had been written about this Famous Hotel in Singapore in Scott/Orchard Road. Why this hotel shot to fame in the feng shui domain?

It all started by one of our Grand Master Hong Chuan who corrected the Feng Shui of this hotel and resulted in business growth after the audit. You can read more about this in internet.

But what prompted me to write about it now? I have read just too many comments about the feng shui of Hyatt and while today my aim is not to explain the feng shui of Hyatt, I just want to make corrections to a few vastly mistaken facts about feng shui and methods know only to our lineage, the Wu Chang lineage and not as what was written by those who do not belong to our lineage.

Seriously, you cannot comment on something you don’t know and I feel this is irresponsible when they try to downplay  Grand Master’s work.

Here I shall quote several statements and my comments on it.

Many say it is Castle Gate theory as done by Master Hong Chuan. This is not true. This is a method called Door Tilting but not many knows how it works actually though many practitioner tries to use it. And that is not my slipper.

Some even say it is from the San He 5 Ghost carry Treasure. Master Hong Chuan is San Yuan practitioner as his master is Master Yen Pen who did all the cases in the classic book of Er Zhai Shi Yan and Zhai Yun Xin An. Undoubtly, many master has this book in their homes but how many can fully interpret it? But still it is grand to have this book on the shelf!

Master Yen Pen is the student of Tan Yang Wu, our Great Grand Master from the Wu Chang Sect. How can someone just twist facts just to get fame and students!!! Wu Chang belongs to San Yuan School and this is clear!!!

Another author was saying that the original door was facing straight out to the road and that the reception desk was looking out directly to the road and cause wealth to leak out. Obviously, this person does not practice Flying Star Feng Shui. Jiang Da Hong said in the book Ba Zhai Tian Yuan Fu, ‘…to truly understand the 8 houses, you must understand the 9 numbers in the 9 palaces’.

Then a famous master from Hong Kong gave his diagnosis that the poor business was caused by bad Water star 8 at the door and Water 7 was trapped in the center. He then said that Master Hong Chuan tilted so the business is good during Period 7 and 8.  This is again not true. First, he does not understand the rule of the 3 & 5 auspicious in the Wu Chang lineage. Secondly, Master Hong Chuan had advice that by 1984 the feng shui has to corrected again.! This is already a great tip if you truly understand the Art of Door Tilting.

So the guesses goes on…right to even Xuan Kong Da Gua! Speculation after speculation.

To me it is more of a coincidence than real application that someone get good results unless he knows the Art of Door Tilting.

The saying that goes “The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword” is very true. Facts can be just twisted with a stroke of the pen. Generations down the road will learn all the wrong things and twisted history.