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Exposing the Myth of Flying Star: Tilted Doors

Many are trying to find out if tilted door makes sense or does it really works in Flying Star Feng Shui.

The Myth: Some say it is Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG) method of tilting door and some will be confused when the door is tilted a lot because to their understanding that XKDG is not for tilting too much.

The others observed that some are doing well while some are not with tilted door. There was a old posting on tilted door that did not do well.

Then there are some who remarked “…… especially to those who believe the facing is more important to sitting and/or believe that the door facing constitute the facing of the house/property, rather than the most yang side, facing open spaces, etc……” and also .”…. whole tilting the door comes from trying to manipulate the facing (am I right?) and I’m not sure we can really do that…” I am concerned as there are much confusion out there.

Then there are also a famous master who claims tilting doors creates corner sha.

The Taiwanese too did not like tilted doors as they believe it creates a sha that can cause heart problems.

The Truth: Tilted door works but only if you know how to use it and use it correctly. It is part of Authentic Flying Star Feng Shui as practiced in our Lineage of Wu Chang. We call it Different Degrees Same Angle.

I also know of some seasoned 8 Mansion Masters who also practice Tilted Door….

There are also San He or Yang Gong schools that does tilting.

Remember Feng Shui is a tool to alter Destiny and thus the effect can go both ways for better or for worse….so one is handling their client’s life thus it is important that they are certain what they are doing and not being confused. It’s like playing a game of Poker but it is the client’s life is on the bet.

Thus any Feng Shui done wrongly, will produce bad results. It is not a rocket science.

Real Example

Master Hong Chuan tilted the door of Hyatt Hotel in 1973 and soon after greatly enhanced the business of that Hotel. 49 years after and his work of art still survives till today although some other masters is trying to claim that credit.

One of the door at Kong Meng Park Monastery Singapore.

These are the works of Venerable Master Hong Chuan that was based on Flying Star Feng Shui and not Xuan Kong Da Gua.

Master Hong Chuan is the student of Grand Master Venerable Yen Pen (Wu Chang) who is an expert in the 9 Star method and not Xuan Kong Da Gua.

Why did Master Hong Chuan tilted the doors? Was it for fun? Why did he not built the temple straight? How many can explain from the 9 Stars method the theory behind this? So far I have not seen one to be honest.

Master Alan’s Work Of Art


Real Case that Master Alan did that changed the fortune of the business owner in Paramount garden that has previously engaged more than 10 masters over 20 years.

This was also done with 9 Stars method. It has now since been be used by other masters as a case study.

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