Case Study, Mall Feng Shui

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Recently I just read about Plaza OUG is going to make way for new development that triggers my thoughts about what some masters were saying that if you want to have good Feng Shui, you need to be in the current Period, which the Period of 8 as of now.

Atria Mall, Damansara

This mall too has a bit of history although I do not have the insider news, I just comment from what we know and observe. Observation over a period of time will give us some realistic sense of what is going on in any premises.

This mall was built in the Period of 7 time which was in the mid 80’s and this was before the One Utama even existed. I was told by many, this mall wasn’t that a popular mall except the first few years. It could not take on the competition from nearby newer malls despite it’s “pioneer status”. Over the years the anchor tenants also changed quite a couple of times.

In 2007, Lien Hoe sold the mall to OSK Property Holdings and they mooted the idea to rebuilt to give it a grander look or to brand it into an upmarket retail mall. It will also be expanded and will have more retail floor space.

Period Eight : 2004 – 2023

By 2012, during the Period of 8, the mall was re-construction had began and by 2015, which is still Period of 8, Atria mall had reopened it’s door to customers.

Fast forward to 2022, after 7 years, this mall, in my opinion, has not lived up to its objective of attracting in the crowd which is still not comparable to any of the nearby malls, except of the Starling Mall which I have not been there often. You can ask your friend’s opinion and I am sure most Damansara Jaya folks would agree with me.

The Feng Shui Perspective

Feng Shui for malls is a complex analysis but from what we can gather, the Feng Shui has been wrongly built thus not able to take advantage of the land formations surrounding it to tap in good energy. It is sad and perhaps foolish to some extent, when you spend millions into building but had they got the right Feng Shui advice, I am confident the outcome today will be better. It is pretty much a common problem with malls actually here in Malaysia, for example, even The Summit Mall suffered the same fate after spending 70 million on the upgrading.

Apart from the poor orientation, the Qi Flow to the mall is also poorly planned. It is not able to tap the good qi of the auspicious stars to attract the crowds in. In fact, some part of the landform may trigger more money losing tenants on top more disputes (with any parties), robbery, thefts recorded especially when the negative stars arrives.

So what is the fuss about a premise to be in the current Period in order to enjoy good Feng Shui energy? If you see beyond what celebrity masters are saying, you will know, Feng Shui has been misrepresented. It is between knowing the stuff and marketing talk.

Period 9 Feng Shui

Will we need to change our houses or building period into a Period 9? If you get a sense of what I am saying above, I am sure you will know the answer but if not, just to be sure!, get our team to give a preliminary audit to see if your premises require a change or otherwise.

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