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Most business do not use real Feng shui. Some of them do use Feng Shui but as we all know there are many types of Feng shui practices and most of them are quite different from each other.

When a business gets enough bad energy, very soon problems will happen but just a matter of when!. Here is a real case that actually happened in Subang, Selangor, Malaysia.

We went on site to investigate the said store and mapped out the energy chart based on the direction, timing and the land formations. We will not elaborate more on the technicalities but I am sure some of you may know some basic Flying Star should be able to get an idea.

BASE CHART with Annual and Month stars aligned….

On that faithful time, the store was robbed and this happens because of the malicious stars a well aligned.

You may ask me what about the store beside and they was robbed? Well, each store or business around did not have the same door location, internal layout as well they may have a different Base Chart, hence the results will be different. The key to this is the perfect alignment of stars and forms for an event to happen.

Business Feng Shui if not done properly can cause you a lot of trauma and heavy losses. This shop just lost RM50,000 and a few days of business and how much is that compared to a Feng Shui audit fee?

Flying Star System

This is the power of Flying Star system, the ability to predict when and what events is likely to happen, makes it the superior system. Time over time, this Feng shui system have proven with results. This is not possible with San He or Yang Gong method.

Flip Flop

Furthermore, I know of a local celebrity master who used to tell his consultants and students that Flying star is an inferior Feng Shui method. Well, today he is so hot selling Flying star system as courses!. What does it say? Perhaps he have found out the truth! Hahaha…..

Nonetheless, I have to clarify that even Flying Star has many schools so they are not the same in practice. At least we know there are 6 orthodox schools of Flying Star system and of course even more new age Flying Stars schools.

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