Online Feng Shui A Valid Way?

Today many consultants are offering Online Feng Shui Consultancy. It’s easy, fast and hassle free or is it so? The one drawback is that the owner has to do some work.

However is this a valid way of performing a Feng Shui Audit? This is the important question because it concerns your own well being. I would like to offer a couple of pointers for those thinking of seeking for easy way out by having an Online Feng Shui Audit.

I would say there are fundamentals in Feng Shui that we should not ignore that has been taught by our forefathers or grand masters. This is the reason why we need a Lineage in Feng Shui field.

If you look up the dictionary, Lineage means lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree.

The problem is that many learn from Masters who reads from books sold for a few US Dollars in the streets of Hong Kong and Taiwan. With some persuasive skills, they sell these so called Feng Shui Secrets to yearning students who especially do not know what a Lineage is.

There is no one to correct his interpretation of the Chinese Classics. Thus the margin of error can be big. They make their knowledge sounded logical so they can be more convincing. Well, Feng Shui is not logical to an ordinary person. It’s logic is not at such surface level. Hence it is termed metaphysics and not purely physics!

Without the guidance of a lineage master or sifu, one can be assured the lead the stray path. Chinese understands this well. That is why one cannot learn authentic Qi Kung or Kung Fu from books or videos. It has to be under the guidance of a master or sifu.

What has this to do with Online Feng Shui Audit? Offering Online Feng Shui is possibly out of 2 main reasons. Ignorance of Feng Shui or for a Quick Buck.

Firstly, the measurement has to be skilled with a precision Luo Pan or Chinese Geomancy Compass or else one may not know if the house falls into the category of Void!

Secondly, without on-site observation, some details of land form may not be obvious and clear especially the minor details. Some may argue today’s technology we can use Google Earth but remember the images are not always up to date!. Which sector is the mountain or water located?

Thirdly, if the consultant is measuring from Google Earth, then it only shows he or she does not understand the mechanics of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is not based on True North! If it is, then why measure with a compass? The list can go on….

Just these 3 reasons, are enough to know that Online Feng Shui Audit is game of chance.

coin toss

If you are concerned about your long term well being, why not do a proper job? Playing around with Feng Shui is like playing around with some unknown energy. It’s energy cannot be felt, seen or tasted. If done wrongly, it is surely a silent killer.

Hope when it is you decide to take the plunge, the Heads is on your side. Think again & Good Luck my friend!