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West Facing House Feng Shui Case

This is another nice contribution of Feng Shui case audited by our student.

Method used: Wu Chang Flying Star Feng Shui System

Property type: Landed House.

In the Beginning

During Period 7 (1984-2003), this family had enjoyed abundance of wealth luck. Mr. L was running printing business, and there were several workers working under him.

However, after 2003, his business was getting to decline, and he was forced to move his shop to somewhere else due to the increasing of shop rental. Besides than this, his health was deteriorating and he was diagnosed as having liver cancer.

In September 2006 (丙戌), Mr. L passed away, and his eldest son, Mr. A inherited his printing business. Since then, there was no improvement at all with his business, and he had to suffer financial debts with many suppliers.

The Consulting

I audited their house during 2015 (乙未). Observed the main door was having untimely PO JUN star (Star #7). From the formation, I believed there will be high incidents of leg injury & indeed during discussion with Mr. A, he always injured his legs when doing heavy exercise.

Furthermore, the Stove was located at the GEN sector, with sickness combination. When the stove was sucking bad energy, it would cause sickness to the occupants. The newly wed Mrs. A always fall ill since she moved in to the house, especially in 2015 (乙未). The wrongly placed stove further weakens the health of the occupants.

The Solution

I advised Mr. A to relocate the main door in order to bring in the auspicious Qi, This new door can further help them in both wealth and boost the human factor especially for Mr A.

Besides than this, I advised Mr. A to install a water fountain at the 巽 sector to activate the auspicious energy, and consider to open the new back-door at this sector.

The Result After

Early of 2016 (丙申), after following my recommendations, Mr. A told me his financial situation was getting better, and his business was slowly gaining profit. He told me previously, he needed to ask favour from customer in order to get the deal, and now opportunities were offered to him automatically from different of customers.

Our family was invited to attend his sister’s wedding at his house, and Mrs. A broke good news to my mum, that her health was getting better too.

The Passing of Mr L in 2006

Mr. L slept at the Master Bed Room at the 兑 sector. During Year 2006, Annual Lian Zhen (Star #5) and Sickness star, JU MEN (Star #2) also arrived into his bedroom. When coming to September 2016, another monthly bad energy arrived at the room door, and Mr. L sickness had become more serious, and he admitted to hospital. At the same time, sickness star, JU MEN (Star #2) arrived to the stove,which further enhance the illness problem to the occupants of the house.

– Victor Ho


  1. Everything happens for a reason, may it be for better or worse. A house feng shui or a business feng shui, one cannot take it lightly if one is serious about having a profitable business and a healthier life.
  2. Having said this does not mean man should resign to fate and feng shui, self effort is equally important just like Mr L has selected the right person to feng shui the house as well as followed all advises given closely.
  3. Many people attack Flying Star in order to promote their brand of Feng Shui. However, our Flying Star system has withstood the test of time and again had brought benefits to mankind. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! – Alan Chong