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I still remember since the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki was published in the early turn of the century, many entrepreneur wannabe started to venture out into business or at least as a self employed initially.

Some have gone into real estate, some into stocks trading, internet marketing, some into traditional business and many more. Of course, some made it while the not so lucky one got some bruises while the really unlucky ones crashed landed with heavy debts.

New Restaurant
New Restaurant

What could have possibly caused such events? It could be having the right business strategy or having the right talents or in the right location. But again if you have observed well enough, those that had the above over time still failed while the ones that did not have the above or fared averagely somehow managed to survive! Interesting?

Thinking Man

Scratching your head? Well the only factor what could cause such an outcome is the Feng Shui factor. From my years of consulting experience, I have seen a lot of cases on how feng shui had played it’s role in the downfall of a business.

One sad case that happened to this new and big development which have suffered is OneCity USJ. Read more about it here. Imagine, contemporary design, living concept, integrated mall and yet such an outcome after spending millions!

The scariest part is that feng shui is a silent killer. It may not “kill” the business in 3 months but perhaps 2-3 years but those are long struggling 2-3 years.

Same time those who are lucky to correct the bad feng shui problem before it got worse and many whom had a new lease of hope after the alteration is done. How does one explains this phenomena?

Feng shui is not about placing feng shui plants for luck or using feng shui numbers. These gives some perhaps psychological effects. Altering our human psychology to a more positive one is indeed important and works as well in attracting good energy but this cannot be termed as feng shui.

A person going to see a psychiatrist or attending a motivation guru talk or going for prayers or chanting are all mind energy altering activities. These are not feng shui. Feng Shui is about using environmental energy in particular earth’s nature energy to alter our destiny or luck.

Business or Office Feng Shui is crucial if you your aim is about wealth accumulation and business growth and it is real even you may not believe in it.

Office feng shui or business feng shui is even more important when it comes to wealth matters because in a business things can change pretty fast and everything is rather fluid. Getting good energy is vital if your are serious about building up your business.

Thus in a Office Feng Shui setting, apart from having good supporting land forms, the correct room design for the CEO, the Finance department, The Sales Department is very important.

The Sales department should be in an auspicious wealth sector while the Finance department should avoid the Robbery sectors. The CEO should ideally be sitting on good authority table.

If you are in retail business, then the cashier position is also very important that it receives auspicious prosperity energy or Sheng Qi.

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