Feng Shui For Living Room

One of the most common and simple way of feng shui is known as Internal Landform Feng Shui or Feng Shui for Living Room. There are many taboos as to what is the best way to arrange a living room and prepare the “landform” of the living room. This idea is adapted from external landform feng shui and applied to the internal of the house.

Feng shui has now in this century become an imaginative art than an art of harnessing good energy or Qi. One of the common way to apply this Internal Landform Feng Shui is onto furniture. It is said that furniture has to conform by having a strong backing, 2 arm rest so that humans can sit with sufficient backing and protection from the 2 auspicious celestrial animals of the Green Dragon and White Tiger.internal landform fengshuiSo now you have to imagine in this way to benefit from “good” feng shui.

FourAnimalLandformSuch external Land form is construed to be “good” feng shui since you have all the necessary “protection” from the 2 flank and support from the rear Black Tortoise mountain. This formation is then migrated to the house and even the sofa to be so called “good” feng shui. This is for me creative feng shui.

Another common internal feng shui method is that a house is not suppose to have toilets above the house main door. This is construed as “bad” feng shui because the heavy water Sha (destructive) Qi from the loo will “suppress” the good qi from entering through the main door.

Never thought feng shui could be this innovative in this century!

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