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Mall Feng Shui In Johor

Here is an interesting article about the Heritage Mall in Kota Tinggi, Johor. Why this new mall is under performing? Has it got to do with the Feng Shui of the Mall?

While I believe not everything is attributed to Feng Shui, nonetheless Feng Shui has a major role in the success and failure of any properties may it be a Mall, Hotel, Factory or a small office or shop.

Getting the Feng Shui correct helps a lot in getting things smoother. Choose your Feng Shui Consultant wisely.

Check out The mall Feng Shui in the article below.


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Office Feng Shui

I still remember since the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki was published in the early turn of the century, many entrepreneur wannabe started to venture out into business or at least as a self employed initially.

Some have gone into real estate, some into stocks trading, internet marketing, some into traditional business and many more. Of course, some made it while the not so lucky one got some bruises while the really unlucky ones crashed landed with heavy debts.

New Restaurant
New Restaurant

What could have possibly caused such events? It could be having the right business strategy or having the right talents or in the right location. But again if you have observed well enough, those that had the above over time still failed while the ones that did not have the above or fared averagely somehow managed to survive! Interesting?

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