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Problem With Shen Style Flying Star

Question from a Forumer:

Dear all what can I do if I have to plot a map with flying stars and the owner does not have the map of the flat? 

FSM: This is a big problem with Shen Style Flying Star which predominates most Feng Shui Schools today.

They will be handicapped when they meet this kind of situation because they primarily use the 8 Pie or 9 Grid method.

8pie or 9 grid

However, at Central Academy of Feng Shui, CAFS, students are taught the authentic method of compartmentalise. With compartmentalise, students can read a house without the need of a floor plan with accuracy and fast. In the last class, when we were at a student’s house, all is needed is a couple of minutes in the house (including taking measurements) and already 3 major things can be told with accuracy. 

Compartmentalize is the correct way of doing feng shui. Masters in the past hundreds of years had no scaled house plans nor protractors nor advance methods to find center of a house (odd shapes ones) and had no sharp pencils to demarcate the boundaries in fine lines.

Modern masters is trying to say, by practising the 8 Pie and 9 grid methods that Masters of the past is not accurate with their diagnosis but then why many of them rush to book stores and buy classic books and try to analyse past cases of the foregone masters. Contradicting logic isn’t it or are they hiding some facts from you? 

Learn the wrong thing, at best you get it right sometimes but not all the time. Do you wish your doctor to be sometimes correct in his diagnosis ?

“Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”
― Augustine of Hippo

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