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SouthGate Mall – Good Door But Poor Business ?

I was at South Gate Mall due to a wrong turn and decided to wait for a friend there while he comes over.

This mall is in the heart of the city and situated on a busy road, Jalan Chan Sow Lin. Oh yes, this place is famous for their curry fish head dish. This same road houses many automobile sales outlet and some old factories and businesses. However, I was rather surprised that despite it’s location, the business is really brisk and lack human traffic. One of the most important criteria for mall’s success is the human traffic isn’t it?

So I whip out my mobile and I did some quick research over the internet about this mall. This mall was built by Mah Sing Group (the Mah Sing building was just opposite) and they are one of the top few developers in Kuala Lumpur albeit pretty young in this industry. In the midst of searching, I happened to read a post on this mall commented/researched by a San He Master.

He mentioned this mall poor performance was bad due to Wind Gap Sha, imbalanced proportion of the main entrance, wrong water placement and the entrance to car park and buildings are leaking wealth. I wondered, how would a San Yuan practitioner read this mall?

As a Pure San Yuan practitioner, I will only use 1 method i.e. Flying Star Wu Chang Style for diagnosis. Pardon me for mentioning Wu Chang because most school are from the Shen Style flying star school though some of them like to be associated with Wu Chang.

I would not conclude the wind gap is the issue and for me it is the wind gap (one of them) that is helping this mall in a small way but I would agree on wrong water placement. The fountain violated the Xuan Kong Water Method and will result in the leak of wealth.

As to the statement of “other buildings leaking wealth”, I would not be commenting since I did not look into it seriously but since they are not attached directly to the main building but rather via link bridges so they will be considered as separate buildings and not as single entity.

The business the other buildings are also pretty slow too. The main building is in the front and is shadowing the other buildings behind, I believe they will not be seen easily. Since the main building could not attract traffic, the rear buildings would suffer naturally.?  Just like how the Gardens would always benefit from the traffic from Mid Valley. You can see that the Gardens has been picking up traffic of late compared to 2-3 years ago especially after they have built the link bridge.

Here is the layout of plan with the CSL road on Left of this layout. The cluster of blue buildings are the ones in front facing the Chan Sow Lin Road.


As a matter of fact, this mall has a good auspicious entrance door but is not able to prosper. The main concerns will be the traffic flow as well as the traffic surrounding the building. The road is too straight with fast heavy traffic (please don’t term this as “Cutting Feet Sha”). Then they have the wrong placement of the water feature creating more negative energies. There are just more bad sectors activated compared to the good ones.

In short, the mall is wrongly designed in the sense it has not been able to harmonise with the surrounding and tap its full benefits. The net result is that it can survive but to make into Klang Valley Top 10 mall is going to be tough unless something is done to correct it.

As for the date, the closest I can find is July 20, 2009 and this is the year this building is afflicted with San Sha. Any affliction with San Sha or 3 Killings will sure bring inauspicious energy to the building. This will again be a drawback for this mall.

Studying this mall tells us something, even if you have an auspicious door but the other factors a bad, still it will not be good Feng Shui.

At least I could use this case to share with students of Flying Star course. If you like case studies, please go under Categories for Case Study

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If the mall operators could do something about the Feng Shui of their malls, we believe it can be better.

Disclaimer: The intention of this article is to bring awareness to the existence and works of Feng Shui. The situation of the malls as been awhile before this article is published.

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