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Psychology In Feng Shui

Psychology is the way we think that affects our behaviour and psychology is affected in many ways notably from friends, up bringing, our personal experiences in life.

The mind is divided between subconscious and conscious part. The subconscious part is less obvious to us but it is the deeper influence. The conscious mind is easier to train and re-program because it is obvious to us.

Most of us are not oblivious to the sub-conscious mind.

Psychology is also a part of the law of attraction because what you think or believe in affects our behavior (action). The law of attraction was made famous in the book titled THE SECRET by Rhonda Byre.

It simply says that what you think or conceive, the universe will attract it to us. This becomes what is known as IF YOU BELIEVE, IT WILL HAPPEN or some calls it VISUALIZATION technique. Basically it is the same thing. Even in metaphysics some master calls it “The Sage Mode” but it is all the same thing in essence, just added a tinge of metaphysical touch.

However, psychology is NOT Feng Shui. It is part of the man part of the Trinity of HEAVEN-EARTH-MAN where as Feng Shui belongs to the Earth part of the trinity.

How It Was Masked Into Feng Shui?

It appears in the Feng shui book when you have a figurine placed in certain corners or perhaps some kind of power rings to wear. These are the more expensive items can will cost thousands of dollars to own one. Some practitioners will even add vermillion to so called “activate” it. This is mostly from the Daoist practise.

A Real Case

Once there was a student of mine (Astrology student) who went for her 3rd booster Covid 19 shot (Pfizer) and soon after that the arm could not be lifted for a few days and eventually it turned to tiredness. After a week or so the skin problems started to flare up and it lasted about 3 months. By 2nd month there were signs of subsiding. This is natural since she used to have this problem in the past. The booster shot just make it worse.

So because of this flaring up of the skin problem she went and watch in the internet about Zodiac Feng Shui and told me that being a person born in the year of Goat, she should not sleep in the SW sector of the house. She had been sleeping there for 3 years already. She then decided to move to a different room to sleep.

She blamed partially to her year pillar clashing with the Tai Sui. She was born in the year of Yi Wei 乙未 and the year was Xin Chou 辛丑. This is a direct clash so it is understandable. Of course, she also blamed it on sleeping in the SW room in the house according to Zodiac Feng Shui.

Where the psychology played a part was, she was constantly thinking that her predicament was due to Zodiac Feng Shui effects but discounted the booster shot side effects. Thus why I know it will go away in a couple of month time because this is a known fact with side effects from booster shot.

Her psychology drawn her into the believe of Zodiac Feng Shui did worked! Haha…She had the strong believe that Zodiac Feng Shui was correct in predicting her predicament thus this affected her believe and thoughts.

This believe did, in some way helped relief her sorrows while waiting for the vaccine effect to subside naturally since she has a place to “blame” it to.

When negative thinking sinks in, the logic wears off. She did not asked herself what happened in the 3 years she was in that SW room? Her skin problems actually improved during that 3 years period.

The Magic Ring

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

A client previously bought a power ring from some local company in hope to overturn her bad luck. Past 1 year later, she eventually engaged me on the advice of a friend. When I saw the ring I ask her if the good effects lasted on a month or so, she astonishingly answered me “Yes! , how did you know?”

Simple, the effect was not from the power ring but rather from her positive believe/thoughts at that time. The result wearied off when her positive thoughts was being drowned in the on-going problems. So it was the run of the Law of Attraction albeit a very expensive ring. The ring was 3 times more than my Feng Shui audit fees.

Heaven – Earth – Man

In short success or result comes when the 3 factors are in alignment. If any one of them is weakened, it will weaken the overall result. It is this simple. If you are lazy, the man part becomes weaken and it will weaken the overall result. That’s it!

It is not easy to differentiate between psychology and Feng Shui because many do not really understand what is the real meaning of Feng Shui. Most are already in the wrong mode when they start to read from the various books out there that shaped and skewed their understanding of what is really Feng Shui and what is psychology.

I hope this article will open up a few people’s mind on this confusion, then I have fulfilled my mission. Namaste.

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