Case Study, Feng Shui

Feng Shui Is Not Dependent On Our Believe

We submitted this report (excerpt) to the Head quarter office on 16 March 2020, 2 days before Malaysia’s first MCO due to Covid-19. Of course the business has not been well for a while and Master Alan was asked to go to the site office down south in to check it out.

Yesterday the boss decided to close operations. When I asked further, they did nothing since the day they received this report!

May be an image of text that says "Current office location is not located in the a good Feng Shui position. As a result of this since the usage of this container office about a year ago, things will likely notgo not smoothly or faces workers, quality, material or production problems. In fact may resultin loss of money too both this year and last year."

The site staffs there was reluctant to change the cabin office by giving many excuses why it is difficult to execute it. It is understandable since they do not believe in Feng Shui. They felt Feng Shui is just another hocus pocus thing. They believed in their own effort alone will revive the business there….

There you go fast forward 2 years later. They were faced with problems from sales, production and human resources issues.

So if you ask us do we have 100% success rate in all our Feng Shui audit, my answer is clearly a NO because somethings are beyond our control. It needs the cooperation from all stake holders.

Our Believe In Feng Shui Needed?

From the excerpt above, at least our prediction is clear and accurate. Feng Shui is not something that will have effects only IF you believe it and if you do not believe there will be no effect. That is psychology not Feng Shui. Many folks cannot differentiate between this two thus opening up opportunities to this industry charlatan to make good money out of them.

Just because we cannot feel or see or smell this energy it doesn’t mean it is not there! Can you feel while standing on the ground, see or smell Gravity ?

Feng Shui, is essentially an energy and acts on us regardless if you believe or not in it’s existence.

To have a better change to our lives, first we must get rid of the negative energy around us. After this change, then only your effort makes sense!

If you are ready to change your energy, contact us via the form.

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