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81 and 18 Combinations

There are 81 combinations in Flying Star system. It comes about from the pairing of the sitting star with the facing star. Because there 9 sitting stars and 9 facing stars this is how one derive 81 possible combinations and thus name it 81 Combinations.

Feng Shui practitioners uses them to predict the outcome of the house as in a Good or Bad Feng Shui house and what will likely happen to the tenants in the house.

To those who knows them, how does one decides when the combinations will give a good out come or a bad outcome?

Technically speaking, 81 and 18 gives the same meaning. On one hand it can make money and on the other is bad for the working men in the house.

How does one tell which is likely going to happen? Who is going to cause what and who will be affected by the event most.

This is largely dependent on a few factors.

  1. Landforms surrounding the property.
  2. Timing of Stars.
  3. Correct understanding of Yi Jing concepts.

Understanding of Yi Jing concepts is most vital but because this art has been diluted and mixed with many practitioner or author’s idiosyncrasy, the accuracy too has been diluted.

Landforms is also not any easy subject to master if your Sifu (master) do not show it to you. Only an experienced master can show you.

Thus if you seriously want to master the 81 combinations in any Feng Shui Courses, be sure to seek out the correct lineage school.

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