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Often Misunderstood Lineage Knowledge I

If you have learn Feng Shui surely you will learn how to use a Luopan or Chinese Compass to measure the direction of a house.

There are few ways of mentioning direction on a Luopan.
1) 坐午向子 – commonly mentioned
2) 午山子向 – the more traditional way
3) 179 degrees – the most modern way

Luopan taiwanSome points to ponder….

Which is correct technically to represent a direction according to traditional ways?
Why is it call 24 Mountains or Shan instead of 24 Sittings?
Why is a sitting direction called a Shan 山 in the old days, why not call it Sitting as in 坐?
Is there a good reason behind why it is called a Shan?

Of course for the purpose of communication, any method of representing is fine but as matter of academic and lineage, there is a difference. Knowing the reason tells how deep is one’s knowledge in Feng Shui.

-Master Alan

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