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Yi Jing Story Of GE15

We just ended another General Election for Malaysia after an unstable government decided to return the mandate to the people since the infamous Sheraton Move. This is the 15th General Election to choose our 10th Prime Minister and hopefully this time to Malaysia is able to get a strong majority voice to form the next stable government.

Since I have done many predictions in the past, I wasn’t motivated to do a public posting for this GE because since the response from the public has been lukewarm even though I have gotten so many predictions correct. Thus I only had discussion with some close students.

As we are nearer to the GE, the atmosphere began to get anxious leading to some of clients asking me about this as well. Thus I did a Plum Blossom Divination to seek divine answer to the question that most people desire to know:

“Will Pakatan Harapan win GE 15 ?”

I used the asking Date and Time to cast…

Let me cut the technicalities and go straight to the Final Gua. What we get is a Kun on Kun Gua (trigram). A Kun-Kun represents a win for Pakatan Harapan or in short PH but this win is only a small win and not able to form a stable government. Thus they will need to form a coalition. How did I get the idea of coalition? It is again from the Gua image.

True enough, PH won the most seats at 81 but still short from 112 seats needed to form a simple majority government. Thus its a “medium long, short” of the needed seats.

I didn’t wanted to do another casting but then how do we derive the answer to this question if a coalition will be successfully formed or not? The answer can be found from the Bazi of the leader of the PH pact i.e. Anwar Ibrahim’s Bazi. Bazi 八字 is derived from the Date of birth and represents the most important ingredient to know if one is in good luck or otherwise. When one is in good luck, surely things will go their way.

Of course this idea can be very contradictory or controversial for someone who do not believe in destiny or to the motivation gurus.

So I looked up his Bazi and though I do not have his time, nonetheless, it can give us some clue. Below is his Bazi together with his Luck cycle and 2022 Water Tiger year.

Anwar has Ren 壬 as his useful god and thus the arrival of the useful god is a bonus for him. Coupled with a good clash between the Monkey 申 and Tiger 寅 as well as a combination between Pig 亥 and Tiger 寅 bodes well for him.

Furthermore, the current state of affairs too favours him, since the incumbent Prime minister score card isn’t impressive in many ways.

When Heaven 天 and Earth 地 comes in perfect timing coupled with strong human 人 effort, magic happens.

Thus I believe the coalition will be formed successfully. Today 24th November 2022, Anwar was sworn in at 5pm as Malaysia’s 10th Prime minister, a post he had waited for more than 20 years. Today his luck has matured and thus his dying wish granted.

There will be a show of confidence when parliament convenes to table and pass the national budget. This could happen in about few weeks time. I believe it should go well although former Prime minister Muhyiddin, leader of the Perikatan Nasional PN, because he believes he has 115 Member of Parliament backings.

A few weeks time hopefully it will be in the month of Ren Zi 壬子, yes the appearance of the Useful God again.

However, I caution that there it is too early to celebrate since the road ahead for him is not easy as well and Malaysia in general. There is a huge task ahead to get Malaysia back on track to Asia Tiger in many aspects apart from economic issues. I reckon it will need a minimum of ten years.

Divination is to seek answer from within the uncertainty while Bazi is to find the causal strength behind a result.

Plum Blossom relies on the Yi Jing Guas as it’s primary engine. Plum Blossom is much easier and just as accurate as any other forms of Divination 占卜 such as Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲, if not better. Qi Men is much harder to learn and deploy than Plum Blossom Method 梅花易数.

I continue to pray for Malaysia.

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