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Castle Gate Theory Part 1

Castle gate theory 城门诀 is one of the most sought mystery in a Feng Shui. Many practitioners are still not familiar with the usage and application. There are even books written on this subject alone! However, there are many versions of Castle Gate Theory. However, the version I will be writing is the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star version.

In order to understand this theory we should first understand : What is a Castle Gate 城门? Below picture is the Castle Gate.

This brings me to a case done early of this year. Its a true story I think it’s worth sharing. My client had an old office which I audited last year. That office was having bad feng shui and the previous master couldn’t identify the issue. Of course the master could not understand because even though he is an old master, he came without a Luopan or Chinese Geomancy compass.

He uses a technique based on Yi Jing Feng Shui called the Xing Fa 形法 or literally translate to English as the Shape Method. This method is to take a view of surrounding and conclude the good and bad of feng shui. Some of the method he used was like hanging of paintings of Mountain and Waters. Then there was the famous Wealth Corner technique. A common taboos of feng shui are all include in this method such as your main door should not see another door or room, where to place pots of plants outside your house etc. In the western market, this technique is know as Internal Landforms Feng Shui.It was a long suffering for them though out the the 3 years in that office. The fishes in the aquarium kept dying in the Wealth Corner which was later replaced with plants, then the plants too turned yellow very quick and slowly withered and died. Final solution was to placed a plastic gold ingot in the Wealth Corner! Well this did solve the problems of plants and fishes dying but did not helped the business.

Through out the 3 years, the owner slowly slide into a state of being demotivated despite many efforts the team put in to boost sales, customer did not return slowly over the 3 years. They could not understand why the good business they enjoyed in the earlier years did not continued.

The worse part was one of the staff constantly “saw” spirits. This in some way also attributed to the frequent staff turnover.

The pertinent question was why the Xing Fa Feng shui did not helped this time despite the 3 annual audits ? Was the first time a coincidental Feng Shui success?

Of course, this was the reason how I came into the picture. The owner decided to give me a try for some reason. Perhaps it was affinity since they found me not through recommendation and I wasn’t famous and surely I am more expensive than the previous master.

Anyway, I arrived at the place and did my usual survey and audit, I told them that the business will not do well and there are possibilities of spirits and the wealth leakage is high. This is one very rare case which I told them that the best solution was to shift since the landlord would not allow any renovations to the building. So in return I suggested to Feng Shui the house as a backup solution.

Perhaps everything happens for a reason and soon months passed by till December last year, I got a call and they agreed to shift. So I was tasked to help them find a good Feng Shui building. We surveyed a few units and finally I selected the current unit. Sometimes when I think back, why they have so much confidence in me since I am not feng shui diva? Perhaps the dots are connecting…

I shall continue with the solution and results in the next postings….to be continue