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San Yuan Feng Shui 三元风水

After blogging a while, I guess I have not done an introduction of San Yuan Feng Shui to my readers. It is the school I am from apart from being part of Wu Chang lineage (无常流) & from Central Academy of Feng Shui. So here you go…

San Yuan (三元) Feng Shui is a school of Feng Shui which majors in subjects like Flying Star or Fei Xing, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Long Men Ba Ju water method, Xuan Kong Liu Fa and San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia. The uniqueness of San Yuan is that they place great emphasis on Timing.

The other major school for Feng Shui is called the San He 三合 School. They have also many subjects such as 8 Mansion, San He Water Methods, Yang Gong Feng Shui which uses Landforms heavily and downplay the role of time factor.

Then there are other school of thoughts of Feng Shui such as 8 aspiration, symbolic schools, 9 Ki Star, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Bazi Feng Shui, Jiang Hu Pai etc…

What is so fascinating about San Yuan ? San Yuan is considered the younger brother because it existence to the public was much later compared to San He but San Yuan is the method that was used in the Imperial Courts. San He was used more by the commoners more when Masters like Yang Yu Song brought the art out of the palace.

San Yuan was popularized by Master Jiang Da Hong (蔣大鴻), who himself is San Yuan practitioner in the courts and he was taking care of the library during the last decades of Ming Dynasty. Later when he left the courts he brought this knowledge with him too. One of the famous Feng Shui Classics written by Jiang was Earth Discerning Truth Classic (Di Li Bian Zheng, 地理辨正)

Feng Shui during those days was a big thing especially to the Emperor as it is an art that can change/influence the fate of a person, family and country. Hence the art was pass down partially in book partially by oral teachings to those students who are in his opinion has the right qualities. I do not know all the qualities he was looking for but one of then is for sure, he has to be kind person because such art into the hands of wrong people, spells disaster to humanity and the dynasty too.

So what is San Yuan Feng Shui? San Yuan system is based on few basic important foundation. Timing, Location and Direction. The foundation of all these comes from Trigrams & Hexagrams which in any case was founded on Yi Jing (I-Ching).

San Yuan in its purest form only work from the 3 fundamental concepts that sits on the foundation of Yi Jing.

The system do not encourage putting things, no “internal house land forms”, no cultural rituals/belief, no talisman used etc.

The most popular of the San Yuan method today is the Flying Star or Fei Xing method. Flying Star that you know today has several versions due to mixing and changes done by individual master that mixed various methods in to make it unique for them  and to some more appealing to public perhaps.

The origin of Flying Star was from one source but in the early 20th Century it went separate ways. In my coming articles I will explain more.

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Feng Shui of Hyatt Hotel Singapore…Controversies or Confusion ?

As I prepare for the upcoming course in Kuala Lumpur, I came across some case studies that I suddenly thought of the Hyatt Singapore.

Many feng shui articles had been written about this Famous Hotel in Singapore in Scott/Orchard Road. Why this hotel shot to fame in the feng shui domain?

It all started by one of our Grand Master Hong Chuan who corrected the Feng Shui of this hotel and resulted in business growth after the audit. You can read more about this in internet.

But what prompted me to write about it now? I have read just too many comments about the feng shui of Hyatt and while today my aim is not to explain the feng shui of Hyatt, I just want to make corrections to a few vastly mistaken facts about feng shui and methods know only to our lineage, the Wu Chang lineage and not as what was written by those who do not belong to our lineage.

Seriously, you cannot comment on something you don’t know and I feel this is irresponsible when they try to downplay  Grand Master’s work.

Here I shall quote several statements and my comments on it.

Many say it is Castle Gate theory as done by Master Hong Chuan. This is not true. This is a method called Door Tilting but not many knows how it works actually though many practitioner tries to use it. And that is not my slipper.

Some even say it is from the San He 5 Ghost carry Treasure. Master Hong Chuan is San Yuan practitioner as his master is Master Yen Pen who did all the cases in the classic book of Er Zhai Shi Yan and Zhai Yun Xin An. Undoubtly, many master has this book in their homes but how many can fully interpret it? But still it is grand to have this book on the shelf!

Master Yen Pen is the student of Tan Yang Wu, our Great Grand Master from the Wu Chang Sect. How can someone just twist facts just to get fame and students!!! Wu Chang belongs to San Yuan School and this is clear!!!

Another author was saying that the original door was facing straight out to the road and that the reception desk was looking out directly to the road and cause wealth to leak out. Obviously, this person does not practice Flying Star Feng Shui. Jiang Da Hong said in the book Ba Zhai Tian Yuan Fu, ‘…to truly understand the 8 houses, you must understand the 9 numbers in the 9 palaces’.

Then a famous master from Hong Kong gave his diagnosis that the poor business was caused by bad Water star 8 at the door and Water 7 was trapped in the center. He then said that Master Hong Chuan tilted so the business is good during Period 7 and 8.  This is again not true. First, he does not understand the rule of the 3 & 5 auspicious in the Wu Chang lineage. Secondly, Master Hong Chuan had advice that by 1984 the feng shui has to corrected again.! This is already a great tip if you truly understand the Art of Door Tilting.

So the guesses goes on…right to even Xuan Kong Da Gua! Speculation after speculation.

To me it is more of a coincidence than real application that someone get good results unless he knows the Art of Door Tilting.

The saying that goes “The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword” is very true. Facts can be just twisted with a stroke of the pen. Generations down the road will learn all the wrong things and twisted history.

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Exposing the myth of Flying Star: Flying Star Landforms

This is one of the series of exposing the myth of Flying Star that many “generalized” Flying Star practitioners are talking about.

At Art of Destiny, we view Flying Star Feng Shui at a Different & Deeper level simply because we teach Authentic Feng Shui.


Today I have picked one simple myth…most practitioners will say that flying star can only be applied internally to a house while externally you have to apply or check using other  land forms studies or methods such as San He. This is matching internally out. Then some will say you have to first look at the Gua Qi (8pie or 9 grid chart) of the Li Fa (land forms) 8 sectors and correspondingly matching with external land forms. This is a very simplistic way of looking at land forms.

The truth is, Flying Star is all about land forms from start to the end; but they way of viewing land forms is not by matching internally or externally in but “matching” them. If you don’t understand this then you are missing something major in the study of San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star. You will not able to built a good Feng Shui house consistently because land forms is not merely looking for Mountain and Water. When you can “match” them, the house Feng shui will be strong. Then you can look to set the rest of the formation for wealth, promotion, relationship , health and etc.

Yours truly,