Exposing the myth of Flying Star: Flying Star Landforms

This is one of the series of exposing the myth of Flying Star that many “generalised” Flying Star practitioners are talking about.

At CAFS we view Flying Star feng shui at a Different & Deeper level simply because we teach Authentic Feng Shui.


Today I have picked one simple myth…most practitioners will say that flying star can only be applied internally to a house while externally you have to apply or check using other  landforms studies or methods such as San He. This is matching internally out. Then some will say you have to first look at the Gua Qi (8pie or 9 grid chart) of the Li Fa (landforms) 8 sectors and correspondingly matching with external landforms. This is a very simplisitic way of looking at landforms.

The truth is, Flying Star is all about landforms from start to the end; but they way of viewing land forms is not by matching internally or externally in but “matching” them. If you don’t understand this then you are missing something major in the study of San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star. You will not able to built a good Feng Shui house consistently because landforms is not merely looking for Mountain and Water. When you can “match” them, the house feng shui will be strong. Then you can look to set the rest of the formation for wealth, promotion, relationship , health and etc.

Yours truly,


2 replies

  1. Dear Alan,

    I am exactly like your client in your case study. My life is really messy & upside down. I really have no way out in life.

    I seek out fengshui to try to help me, but non has yield any result. I am financially drained, after the house audit, I was told to shift here, buy this , buy that, not Expensive items but items that still cost quiet abit when added up to yield NO RESULT.

    i have been very disappointed, I , myself try to learn fengshui so that I can help myself. i went thr many web- site every course cost alot of money which I am not able to affort. Being also not a very smart person, with a 4 days course, I am afraid that my mind may not be able to absorb, I still maynot be able to help myself. Instead i buy fengshui books and
    read and try to understand as much as possible,

    I do know you come over to singapore quiet often. Can I seek your help to see if there is any remedies/ cure to help me?
    may I also know what is your Charges fee like?

    Await to hear good news from you.

    Lucy ( lucyng789@yahoo.com.sg )


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