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XKDG Date Selection – Auspicious San Sha

Introduction to Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection System

Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG) Date Selection system (玄空大卦择日) is one of the most profound and elaborated Feng shui Date Selection system because it uses the 64 hexagrams to calculate the auspicious timing but what makes it stands out of other date selection system is that it incorporates a holistic system that encompasses Heaven – Earth – Man factors during the calculation.

Chinese metaphysics systems is all about harmony with nature or heaven because Heaven is the leader and it is good be in harmony with the will of Heaven.

Before we even embark on this step, we first have to get a clearance. We have to ensure the Date is not afflicted with Year or Month Affliction and even down to the Hour.

Heaven here represents the Date. The Date in XKDG is not as simple as you can just flip the Tong Shu. It is has be calculated and selected carefully to achieve what we want to achieve with the date whether it is harmony, health, money, advancement or quick results.

After we have got a date, the job is not finished yet. We then have to make sure this Date can match or communicate with the Earth system.

The Earth here represents the House Feng Shui. A date that cannot communicate with the House is a weak date and gives only small effects. Lets assume we can have the Heaven communicating with the Earth or Date and House is able to communicate, we are still not done!.

The final step is to ensure Heaven & Earth can communicate with the Man. Man here refers to the people factor or occupants of the house. When there are more occupants, you can imagine the work gets tougher. When all of these are sorted out then we can have a good date.

So after you have read the above, it is not easy to find a good date. Like gem stone, good dates are really not many. Furthermore most people has no patience to wait for a good date. Of course you may ask me, If it is worth the wait?

Well let me share with you a real case, how XKDG Date Selection can do for you.

Date Selection Case Study

This is a real case of a shop that was moving in last year (Ding You Year 2017) sometime in July. Unfortunately, this property is afflicted with this Yearly San Sha thus moving in can cause problems but luckily I found a date we call it the Auspicious San Sha 吉三煞. The owner delayed his business opening by 1.5 week and after moving in a month, his business picked up at a high rate for the next 3 months. He had extra business from overseas client that he never thought of.

Partial sample of XKDG Date Selection system.

It paid back all the renovation cost and my fees too. He was so happy. Auspicious San Sha is not a date one can find on a daily or even monthly basis. Its quite a rare date but its effects is very auspicious.

XKDG Date Selection is an art and thus it varies from masters to masters depending on this skills and depth of mastery. Its a system that requires calculation and cross matching or communication of the 3 factors. As you can probably imagine, it is an elaborate date selection system. It is San Yuan best date selection system. Of course the successful implementation also requires the willingness of the client to do their part.

Sometimes very sadly I have seen clients who missed good dates all due to poor planning. Perhaps they did not have the right Karma to be blessed by Heaven ? When your master gives you a good date, trust that he is giving you the best available choice, so don’t waste it.

If you wish to learn Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection system, you may click this link…