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Best Feng Shui Experience

Recently I was conducting a Feng Shui class, it was an amazing experience. It was amazing because 3 of them were once my clients.

And you maybe wondering why are they in the class? It’s because they have consulted several Feng Shui masters before but did not had the experience they have . The results after my consultation were beyond their imagination.

Overseas Superstition Wind

This overseas client had 2 prior Feng Shui masters to consult her house some years ago but the situation wasn’t any better off despite all the recommendation of “cures”. One even had a very professionally thick folder with beautifully done up report.

Finally she found me for some reasons and trusted me despite I looked “young”! Well her trust paid off because after the changes she and her husband felt the positive results after real feng shui is applied. The sales increased and harmony was better. Indeed life is much smoother than before. The long flight was all worth it.

Tilted Door – What Superstitious Master called “Crooked Mouth”

The irony was that, the client told me non of the “masters” could tell there was a mountain in front of her house and what it does to their property. Instead he asked my poor client to put big rocks in front to create a “mountain”. Then some crystals here and there. Most superstition master’s advice are merely Feng Shui myths.

Fire Burning on Heaven’s Gate

The second client is from Puchong, Malaysia. His experience was two fold. One was the child’s health and the other was his long awaited promotion. He too had a fair share of previous Feng Shui Experience.

The first feng shui master was a famous master from the southern part of Malaysia who had few celebrities and politician photos together. One of the politician who engaged his consult finally, met his political down turn. Faced with the stagnant results, he decide to engage a second master who is also famous during those days and quite a handsome looking guy too. This master used the Purple star system which is a relatively young feng shui method. Probably less than 30 years of history to audit the house.

After the recommendation based on the house birth chart, again his career did not improved. In fact the daughter was experiencing peculiar health issues of the head. Finally, when I audited the house, I have asked the daughter bed to be moved and indeed, the health conditions slowly disappeared.

Little Water Big Results if only you know where to place it.

What was even more interesting, according to him was that he was told couple of months back that his company had frozen promotion due to economic reasons and his immediate superior reconfirmed this with the CEO. Much to his surprised he got the good news few weeks later from the HR department informing his long waited promotion.

The reason was all because of the bad energy was blocking the promotion but the 2 previous consultants did not correctly identified the problem hence could not apply the right remedy. However, Real Feng Shui did the correct solution the results came and indeed this happy client got his long deserved promotion.

The Cutting Feet Sha ?

The third client had a consult from a San He master. By now you could guessed the result. He had me to first consult the office feng shui. After applying real San Yuan feng shui method, he too saw the results for both units of business in the same building.

In front of his shop and office, there was a fast flowing water right in front of office door (upstairs). To most superstitious feng shui practitioner, it is known as Cutting Feet Sha. Its because the fast flowing water is like cutting the feet since its just in front of the door.

After he followed through all the changes, he began to experience progress and improvements even during these few years, the economy condition was not good. It as been like having constipation for a while and now its getting fine.

The fast flowing water (a.k.a. Cutting Feet Sha) is still there today but why the improvements? Only Real Feng Shui method will know why. Soon after that he got me to do his house. Again after the changes, the health and harmony improved.

Real Feng Shui Applied

At the end they came for one main reason and that is to understand how the Feng Shui Sifu who did their house Feng shui got that improvements for them while the previous did no manage to produce results. Finally they have understood most it and satisfied themselves.

The Real Feng Shui Experience

In the current world of advance marketing, it is very difficult for most people to decide the Real masters who has Essence from those who had Forms only.

Some resort to a promise of heaven on earth while some draws out the superstition & also those who impressed their audience with their inherited wealth.

The best Feng Shui experience one can get is is by going through the changes themselves. In this way, will know what is real Feng Shui and how it affects our destiny. Is it heaven on earth? Is there a need to fear of superstition or is instant super wealth a realistic thing or was it a made believe?.

The other student heard it from the horses mouth all who had benefited from real Feng shui and was excited with the new knowledge. Is Feng Shui really effective? Of course if applied correctly!

Note: In the three cases audited, no animals was hurt, no figurines or cure was applied and no superstition feng shui of any sort applied, only REAL FENG SHUI. If you are serious about having Real Feng Shui for your property, contact us.