Feng Shui, Testimony

A Feng Shui Journey

It was back in July 2017 when this student of mine made a journey from the other side of the world, flying more than 20 hours just to be here to learn or rather relearn Feng Shui.

The story started way beyond 2017!

The Online Feng Shui Course

It was an online Feng Shui course that kicked off the journey after meeting disappointment in life. With the hope of improving life this student embarked on an online simply because its easily accessible. But how can one learn real feng shui skills online? Feng shui is a hands on skills not just theory.

Being green in this field, soon the marketing prowess and a promise of lineage knowledge got this student no where except anxiety. I call it Feng Shui Paranoiacs.

Realizing this quick, the student believe this online course will not elevate the skills sets, the student found another more senior teacher back in North America.

The Senior Mentor

This senior mentor has the age factor apart from “good credentials ” having learn from 2 famous masters here in Malaysia. One a Gen 艮 master the other a Qian 乾 Master. Both masters does have substantial weights under their belts, each in their own way and has a large numbers of fans cum students behind them. The type of students that would believe that the mere smell of the masters would always elevate their souls! So you can imagine for yourself the type of fans/students they have.

The student journey under this senior mentor wasn’t rosy either. 2 of the student’s property was Feng Shui by the senior mentor but didn’t yield results. However at that time, this student didn’t suspect anything amiss even though things wasn’t smooth because the rationale was “How could my master of such and such credentials and fame makes mistake, it cannot be!?”

The student couldn’t get a new job after leaving the last one, children was also down with sickness rather frequently. Nothing seems to be going well but the senior mentor reckon that property was having “good Feng Shui”.

The Second Intuition

Due to the student own constant predicament, something must be not right. Surfing the Internet again, this student stumbled upon my website and after reading decided to drop me some questions. In the correspondence ensued, the students kinda realized that what was learned was mostly untrue and wrong.

The Plunge

So this student decided to take a plunge to come learn from a master who has not 40 years experience under his belt, who is not famous, who at that time has not published a single book, who does not command thousands in a seminar. It turned out it was a spur of the moment that could have ended up in a possible expensive experience. Nonetheless, for some reasons, the student decided to come to Malaysia.

Fast Forward 2018

Returning to homeland with new authentic Feng Shui knowledge, this student started to plan the next move and that is to find first grade Feng Shui house. After almost 6 months of searching, an opportunity popped up when the student almost wanted to give up.

Yes! Finding a first grade Feng shui house is no easy task. There are a few criteria to fulfill but the most important part is all about land formations! You have got to find the right the land formations!!!! Not naked eyes Feng Shui!

After moving into this house for 3+ months, the good news came. The student got a promotion in Dec 2018 and ensuing increment in new year. So what is the big deal?

The Big Deal

The big deal is because this person has not been in employment for more than 10 years and just working in a company for just less than a year, it is a big deal!. There was just so much to learn and pick up. We cannot compared to a 3 month old restaurant case because any new restaurant in the neighborhood will attract crowd regardless if its good or bad Feng shui. The real results will show after 6 months.

Furthermore, that company is infamous for increments and yet there will be one soon. This promotion gives this person a new stepping stone in life but most importantly real hope and not some illusion hope that was promised on the stage.

Real Feng Shui

Feng Shui is not a miracle pill as some practitioner portray it to be but if done correctly, it is a real deal and the progress keep coming till one reaches the limit of one’s destiny. Sometimes it can even expand the limits of one destiny, given the time. However, it is only possible with the right knowledge and necessary experience and support from an experienced teacher.

If you ask the student and me personally after listening to the entire story, we believe the effort has been well paid off. The time, effort and money spent in searching the new house will be rewarded in no time and it as proven this point. The better part is that the Feng Shui effects don’t just end this year, it carries on.

As a active Feng Shui Consultant and teacher, I can attest that if Feng shui done correctly, the reward will be compensated very soon. All you need to do is to put in some good effort and positivity into life.