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Sheng Ji (Life Grave) Gone Wrong

Since Feng shui was commercialized in the late 90s many people have jumped on the band wagon of Feng Shui courses paying 50 to 100 thousands to learn courses after courses of Feng shui while hoping from schools to schools to seek the eventual truth they all been hoping for. Some have found it but most has not, sadly.

The Feng Shui Master

What was their objectives? To be a Feng Shui master? However many of them are already rich and can afford the huge sums of fees, so why wanna be a Feng Shui master?

Perhaps it was going to be hobby use for finding lost items or misplaced items?.

The journey of a good Feng Shui master is not all as rosy as what you see. It involves a lot of study, research and years of time to understand the meanings of the classics and teachings.

If you believe Feng Shui can change a person’s destiny, what makes one thinks that it is a easy job which can be mastered within a few days of lessons?

However the first step to being a true master of Feng Shui is to acquire the RIGHT knowledge. If this first step is wrong, forget about the next. With so many theories at large, how do you know which one works, which case that coincidentally works or which one is a fake theory?

We know it is not easy for a lay person to find out. Let me share you this real story of a case where Master Alan has helped rectified a faulty Sheng Ji.

Of late, there is a growing trend of Live Grave or known as Sheng Ji 生基. This method is a valid method based on the theory of Yin (Grave) Feng Shui & thus if done correctly, it can benefit people with good health, wealth, descendants luck etc. You may read our previous blog post of a real Sheng Ji Case.

The Sheng Ji Feng Shui was popularized by a leading memorial park here in Malaysia. Soon many other companies offer this services all over Malaysia because it has been promoted to be a highly potent Feng Shui solution. Is this the case ?

The Faulty Sheng Ji

The Sheng Ji was done sometime back in 2014/15 with the promise of good fortunes to help the family. Thus a few family members did the life grave. Time passed by and after 2 years, nothing happened but wait something did happened. Their health was getting weaker.

They fall sick quite frequently and took a longer while to recover. The frequency was getting higher and it was not happening to one but few of the family members. This went on for almost close to 2 years. Feeling something amiss, they contact the master but the master wasn’t helpful.

The memorial park boss also refused to allow them to exhumed the DNA as they worry about their reputation & imposed many terms and conditions and also high fees for this. The family was in a catch 22 situation. Through a friend’s recommendation, they decided to engage Master Alan for a second opinion. At first the family was rather concerned because Master looked young when he arrived on site while the previous master was much older with white hairs.

The Second Opinion

As master arrived at the site and started a systematic audit of the land formations. The land as in the Dragons was alright, the Xue 穴 spot was fine though not the best. There were adequate embracements and Qi locking was alright. So what was the caused of the problem ?

Water Dragon

It seems after careful searching around, it was finally found that the Water dragon was the culprit for this problem. The Water dragon came from the sickness sector which is the reason why the family was always falling ill and feeling lethargic.

The Correction

The correction took place in 2017 and ever since the correction, it was notable that their frequency of falling ill has fell and the recovery rate was getting better. This is not only happening to one but all of those affected previously.

The family was relieved since their problems have been alleviated by a relatively young looking master!

Does ShengJi works ?

Sheng Ji works! Although many, including some western master’s felt this is a kind of Daoist practice and it is merely a misinterpretation of Chinese filial piety system. This is not really a Daoist practice although some Daoist priest does their kind of Sheng ji using prayers and talisman. Those are not the real Feng Shui ShengJi but more of spiritual Sheng Ji. Thus be clear the different types of Sheng Ji methodology available. What we are advocating is the real Feng Shui Sheng Ji.

We speak from real knowledge of Feng Shui but most importantly this knowledge is verified by experience in solving real problems and witnessing the positive results.

If the foreign masters knowledge is authentic and in depth, they would have known why Sheng Ji works and that Yin Feng Shui is also a valid Feng Shui method. Obviously they are deficient in this respect.