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Dragon’s Breath

A True Sheng Ji Effects



Dragon’s Qi is believed to have the ability to alter a person’s destiny over time. Precisely why it is called a Dragon’s qi is because Dragon is an celestial animal that stays in heaven. Thus a dragon is a symbol of heaven’s representation. Thus why in ancient China only the Emperor are allowed to use the dragon symbol . This is because Emperor is the viewed as the Mandate of Heaven and dragon is used to represent the symbol of power mandated given by heaven.

However this same term, Dragon is also used in Feng Shui to denote the movement of the mountains that carry the Qi or energy, hence is also known as the Dragon’s Qi or Dragon’s Breath.


A mother was rather apprehensive of her daughter’s weak body. After the first miscarriage, the daughter was rather sad and depressed. This has affected her marriage and her relationship with her husband and in-laws.


The mother came to seek my advice and I told her she can give Sheng Ji a try.

Tombstone 墓碑

The Sheng ji was designed according to traditional method as taught by our grand masters. An auspicious date 吉日 was selected to erect the tombstone 墓碑. The tombstone is important because without a tombstone the effect is not as strong as the one with a well feng shui and aligned tombstone.

Yin Feng Shui Principles

Having a tombstone is rather important as it serves as the External Qi collector. Without a tombstone, the only Qi it receives is the Internal Qi. When both Internal and External Qi is harmonized, only the Sheng Ji can produce better results.

Slowly over the months, things started to change for her. Starting from her relationship with the husband, then the in-laws and followed by the pregnancy. However, this is not yet the climax of the story.


Despite her weak health, she is able to stably conceive the baby this time round. She is rather small sized and under weight even before pregnancy and both the parent and doctor are concerned.

While most experience elders are expecting the likelihood of a daughter and same time from Bazi Astrology though her chart indicate the arrival of a child, it is highly to be a daughter. However at the later stages of pregnancy only the ultrasound was able to clearly show and confirmed it is going to be a boy.

Her in-laws are very pleased because in Chinese culture, the boy is very important as they carry the family surname. To have a grandson is a very proud thing for traditional Chinese.

This is very unique case of how Feng Shui can help over ride Destiny via the help of good Sheng Ji. Of course this is a very complex subject matter, simplified and condensed in this posting. Baby was born this July 2017.