Case Study, Feng Shui, Testimony


A business owner came to me some months ago in Kuala Lumpur. Her business was down for some years after having a feng shui job done by a famous master. The first year was alright but then later the business slowly went down hill. Feeling some is not right, she did her research and found me.

She is correct, feng shui outcome is a trend, if done correctly it should not show a down trend unless it’s a human issue but in her case, it is not.

When I went to her shop, it was quiet but she told me it was not like this in the beginning since she has been operating her business here for more than 15 years. It was after the feng shui changes it went slow and despite all the expensive feng shui “cures”, things did not improved. What went wrong ? Are cures a workable feng shui solution?

The Feng Shui Hand

This was a premise sitting East facing West close to North West. The cashier was beside the door on the White Tiger side and out side in front was a vast piece of empty land. Thus it is said to have a good ming tang (clear frontage). But same time last two years there was some construction work on going that was soon blocking off the wide area. Many friends speculated it is due to the new building that caused the business slow down.

After studying her land formations and facing, I decided I can do some adjustment to the cashier position. I consider this a fortunate case that something is still doable or that can be rectified without having to move out. Thus by matching the Earth & Man factor, I hope to turn around her stagnant business and revive her once promising business.

Months Later….

Feng Shui Result

After shifting the cash register machine, few months down the road, she has confidently established an upward trend in her business with month to month double digits improvements. She is already happy and all her feng shui related cost had been recovered.

A person who had “tasted” bad and good feng shui, can only understand this themselves. Others can only listened to their stories. Knowing what is good feng shui you will not want to go back to a day with bad feng shui premise. Of course this could not have been possible without her cooperation to implement the changes. Coupled with her good business acumen and positive character, the double digit growth was only possible.

It turns out the new building construction was just a coincidence. God has ways to cleverly hide the work of feng shui and share only to those whom He deems worth while.

Lineage Feng Shui

I asked her why did she selected me for the job? She confided it was because you have a lineage. Thus a lineage is a mark that you do have some assurance that the method used is authentic. Without a lineage, a famous self study master may not have the necessary experience and correct knowledge to implement a good feng shui formation. She has made a wise choice and indeed it paid off well.

She has given her consent to me to share her case as she feels getting an authentic feng shui master is very important or else matters can really go bad without us realizing. Sometimes it just work like a silent killer.

Later the boss told me she is a Jack fruit lover and thus I have chosen to pen her name as Jack fruit.