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Xuan Kong Liu Fa – A Grave Application


Today I will share one case on how Xuan Kong Liu Fa is applied onto a grave. I believe it is the first in English language. I have not seen any other that has shared in public how the Liu Fa method is applied onto graves or Yin Feng Shui written in English.

Note: You may want to read the preceding Xuan Kong Liu Fa articles to better understand Liu Fa method first.

This is a grave that was located in an old public cemetery. It belongs my friend’s grand father who passed away in 1977. In Liufa terms, this is a period 7 grave. Period 7 is between the year of 1975 to 1995 and Period 8 continues right till 2016. However both Period 7 and Period 8 belongs to the Lower cycle.

Yin Feng Shui Principles

This grave sits on Chen face Xu, 辰山戌向 and you may also see the landform topography in the below photo.

The Land Formation 巒頭

The land formation is good with a clear & strong incoming dragon protected by 2 embracements. This formation fulfills the criteria of Xuan Kong, Jin Long and Ci Xiong.

所以陰陽無不配,雌雄無不合,不配與不合,即謂之相乘 – tells us that land formations must match to have good results.

Although this site does not have a table mountain, so long it fulfills the 6 methods, table mountain is not of significant importance.

The stream flows from left to right, crossing the Ming Tang 明堂, going out at the meeting of stream and main river coming from the Right flowing in a sentimental way towards the sector of Xin 辛.

The LiuFa Formula 理氣

Here is a sample of the Xuan Kong Liu Fa Luopan. So you may reference back to the land topography to see how it all jive up. It will be very difficult to explain the formula here as it is too elaborate.

However, it can tell which one will prosper first, people or money factor.


The Outcome

In any feng shui analysis, it is meaningless if I share a case that is pseudo or hypothetical ones. I believe not many will share their real case. I have always kept this principle in all my blog and the same I carried this philosophy into my maiden feng shui book, “Winds of Change – The Truth and Myth in Feng Shui and Bazi”. Only real cases are shared!

After the grave was erected, the descendants are generally doing well. It has been 40 years now and time has proven by the steady improvements in the well being as well as wealth of the descendants.

Ever wonder why the poem is given its position in left and right?

The clue has already been given in the poem of the grave on both sides. Chen Xu 辰戌 governs the well being of the descendants while Yi Xin 乙辛 the wealth and authority. A good feng shui master can always be sure of the result if the descendants follow their advice. Only time & effort is required to see the results someday in the future.

Golden Dragon (Jin Long, 金龍)

Golden Dragon is the most misunderstood theory in Liufa by many practitioners. This is understandable because most are just reading from available books but has not gotten the lineage transmission of knowledge. Jin Long in Period 8 is in the Gen Sector (NW) but clearly from the topography this sector is having mountains, contrary to their believe that Jin Long should be the area of water or also known as Ling Shen 零神. Thus according to their understanding, this cannot be good but the results have spoken for itself.

So what is the meaning of Jin Long & how do we apply the Jin Long?

Many can talk about feng shui, about table mountains, about this and that but how many have really grasp the essence of Feng Shui?. We have seen the number of feng shui practitioners produced by the thousands today but sadly not many that I know have gotten the idea of feng shui and how it works.

Hopefully, with some encouragement and sponsors, it can be compiled into a book for the future generations.