Feng Shui

Xuan Kong Flying Star…Getting To Know The Stars 07

Having talked about stars 1,6,8 and 9 it is time to turn to the 3 devils of flying stars.

Let’s talk about the youngest devil, Star 7.
Star 7 is also known as Po Jun or translated as Broken Army. It gives us a sense of looting and chaotic situation.

Po Chun is Red/Brown (赤) in colour and thus he is also known as 7 Red. Of course there are times when the 7 is auspicious and when it does it will bring a lot fame to the house.

Thus one must know when it it will be auspicious and when it will not.

7 Red in 2013 goes to the West sector & he causes disputes, robbery, quarrels, missing items.

One of the more common way to reduce his strength is by using Water. Water however, cannot simply put…you need to know the rules…

…..next we talk about Star 2…

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