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Misguide Of Period 9

A popular saying that coming of the Period 9 is the time of rising of women.

Why do they say so? Perhaps it is because they associate 9 with Li 离 Gua and Li Gua is associated with Middle Age Women in the study Yi Jing.

Perhaps the winning of many awards lately by Michelle Yeoh has prompted practitioners to influence the public that the Period of 9 is coming and hence imply that women are rising during the era of the Period of Nine that spans from 2024 to 2043.

With or without her winning, the Period of 9 will come February 2024. This is already a fact! We do not need an omen.

However, I find this pretty a nonsense that really twisted the meaning of Period 9 as well Yi Jing. Nonetheless, from the marketing point of view, it creates some gimmick to attract audiences, then it makes perfect sense. Anyway, money is more important than the art in the marketing world.

As far as I can remember even during the Period of 8 (2004 to 2023), It is supposedly associated to Gen 艮 Gua that represents Young Boys in the study of Yi Jing.

I still see a fair share of women from young to old rising up in all kinds of field. Perhaps let me quote a few familiar names.

  • Jessica Arden – PM New Zealand
  • Condoleeze Rice – Vice President USA
  • Kamala Harris – Vice President USA
  • Lam Cheng Yuet Ngor – Chief Executive Hong Kong
  • Park Geun Hye – President South Korea
  • Chai Ing Wen – President Taiwan
  • Halimah Yaacob – President Singapore
  • Angela Merkel – Chancellor Germany
  • Sanna Marin – PM Finland
  • Hannah Yeoh – First female Speaker Malaysia
  • Wan Azizah Aziz – First female Deputy PM Malaysia.
  • Penny Wong – Ex Malaysia, first female Asian Australian Minister.
  • Theresa May – PM of UK

The list goes on….Perhaps you can add more to this list.

In fact, some of their successors were male! So how come it only centered on a few female to conclude that Period of 9 represented the rise of women?

The rise has begun even in Period of 7 into Period of 8. This is inline with the evolution of human civilization! What has it got to do entirely due to Period 9?

For a practitioner like me, who cherish and treasure the real art of Chinese metaphysics, it saddens me when I see how these noble knowledge passed down by our great ancestors has be grossly been misused and misguided the future generations!

This is outrageous!

Rather, why not say that Period of 9 is the coming of robots which include drones. You may even say it is the rising era of Electric vehicles since electricity is symbol of Fire which is what 9 represented, FIRE !

Perhaps better to call Period 9 the period of Robots or EV (electric vehicle)

Period 9 is merely a change in time energy that may affect the quality of our property Feng Shui. It is a purely a subject of San Yuan Feng Shui. It has nothing to do with our Bazi or our personal Luck or how will women behave in the coming period.

It does not mean that we all have to shift our homes or make major renovations to be in-line with Period 9. Some of you may have heard outrageous advice to have your hair dyed Purple to represent the color of Period of 9!. Does this mean you are going to be the IN Thing during Period of 9 ?

Have you ever noticed businesses that have prospered 30 – 40 years in the same premise without major renovations? Have you ever asked why did their business not collapsed in a change of a Period (20 years)?

You may get into more trouble if you embark on such activities if you do those changes without proper guidance. Do your due diligence, check the back ground, check the cases they have done and the corresponding results!.

To my fellow readers, I wish you will help educate the public with this post by sharing to your friends or sharing to Facebook, to give them a better understanding of what is the true meaning of metaphysics and Period of 9. Thank you.

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