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Misguide of Period 9 – Part 2

In this second part on the topic of Period 9, I want to address a common misguide and that is we should change our property to Period 9 to get the best energy.

Another common misconception that certain direction done in Period 8 is good for Period 9. This is a common failure to understand the gist of Xuan Kong concepts.

It creates unnecessary anxiety in people. Of course it is good business for renovation contractors indeed!

There are numerous cases where people after these changes had brought about bad consequences for them. The reason is simple, they believed in the wrong knowledge thus naturally will lead them to a wrong solution and consequently bad results.

It’s like you visited a fake doctor, who is not well trained but eloquent in his presentation, prescribed you the wrong medicine and your sickness not only did not get better but gotten worse!

Real practice of Xuan Kong Feng Shui is not as what is outlined above. I will not delve into the technicalities here but just quote you a few examples, hopefully will open up your mind to the under par Xuan Kong knowledge.

Xuan Kong Period Table
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