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My Feng Shui Journey

What my student have written as a feedback on his life Feng Shui journey:

“Nothing exalts the soul or gives it a sheer sense of buoyancy and victory so much as being used to change the lives of other people”

True happiness come from knowing that someone’s life have changed for the better as a result of your efforts to help. The person who sent the message was initially plagued by marital problems and often being bullied by the husband when tempers flare. Somehow the husband was easily irritated and took it out on her. When I visited this friend of mine in her apartment, I was surprised to see that both husband and wife are sleeping in separate room.

After running a Feng Shui diagnosis using the Lineage Flying Stars method learned from my metaphysics teacher Master Alan Chong, it was revealed that the husband was facing cashflow problems for months due to collection problems in his business accumulating in bad debts. To make matters worse, their savings depleted due to them falling prey to unscrupulous scammers recently. Needless to say, the household was in a very unhappy state.

I advised them to shift their rooms and sleeping positions and provided several other simple remedies with the hope that it will lessen their burden. At first they were skeptical but common sense prevailed and they figured that they had nothing to lose, thus they relented. 2 weeks after following the instructions, the husband felt calmer and not so easily agitated and this brought the wife a much needed relief. The following week the husband succeeded in recovering 70% of what his client owed him since the year before.

I was especially elated when they thanked me for this sudden turn of events for the better. It gives me much pleasure and a humbling sense of fulfillment knowing that the knowledge I gained was able to make a difference in someone’s life.

This experience had also given me new found confidence in practicing classical Feng Shui, and a moment of epiphany where the truth expounded and taught to me by my teacher was validated and proven true. My decision to pursue the Wu Chang Lineage Flying Stars was the best decision that I ever made in my long standing pursuit of Feng Shui knowledge. A proven and powerful system for Yang Dwellings rooted in authentic classical traditions yet adaptable enough to bring consistent results to contemporary environment and structure.

Thinking back, the flying stars school was the reason that I first developed an interest in Feng Shui nearly a decade ago, and I was encouraged to pursue a formal training in Feng Shui when I discovered the enigmatic properties of the Wu Chang Flying Stars Lineage through Master Alan’s blog writings. However the affinity to learn the system was not afforded to me until years later, after I was exposed to other schools and techniques of Feng Shui.

Despite being discouraged by peers and being to by many on the invalidity and inefficacy of Flying Stars Feng Shui, I continued to uphold my conviction to one day pursue the Wu Chang Lineage. This is where education, due diligence and research can make a difference in making informed decisions. I wasn’t swayed by the constant dissuasion, instead I trusted my intuition and my awareness based on the information I gathered over the years, that all is not what it seems. I upheld my belief that learning this school of Feng Shui will provide me with the answers that I have been seeking all along in regards to the contradictions and doubts on Feng Shui applications. And I am glad that I never swayed nor gave up on my pursuit.

While I trained in this school of Feng Shui with Master Alan, I learned many truths about practicing Feng Shui, and 2 of these, which I found paramount, were;

  1. We must first be able to help ourselves before we are able to help others.
  2. In deploying Feng Shui techniques, we must first be sure not to cause any harm to others.

In both learning and practicing Feng Shui, it is imperative to first learn to trust yourself. Self believe and the identification of what you want to achieve with the knowledge goes a long way in shaping your competency in applying the skill you learned. How well you can understand the principles and the methods of application that are most suited to bring results consistently depends primarily in your ability and belief in the techniques you chose to learn.

In this age of information technology advancement, we are often bombarded by the noise created to manipulate our thinking and sway our beliefs. As such, learning to trust our own intuition becomes ever crucial for us to distinguish between fact and fantasy, the clarity to tell what are valid principles and what are merely myths.

There is nothing to be gained by allowing oneself to allow such noises to infiltrate our beliefs and principles, drowning out our inner voice and finally being trapped by dogma. This creates an unhealthy need for external validation from the masses and in the process, losing the courage to follow our heart and intuition.

To be able to reach a level of practice where you are able to help ourselves, and eventually others, we must first know clearly what we truly want to become. Hold fast to sincerity and faithfulness and allow your intuition and conviction to take the lead as you move towards the learning that will be most essential to your mastery. Everything else is secondary. – JT Chan

The Feng Shui Result Feed Back….

The problem was the husband business face collection problem. Everyday morning wake up also felt frustrated upset. Husband wife relationship argue frequently also because of this. after husband changed room and bed position, he managed to collect back some money and the business slowly got smoother. His temper also seen improvements.

Below the diagram showed before and after the change that brought about the above changes.

The Bed Feng Shui…

It was only the Bed that changed….but this change lead to the improvement in health, mood, harmony of the house and business collection and growth. [moving from green bed to red bed]

The wealth issue was not due to the Door Seeing another Door [red dashed arrow] but rather the energy (磁场). Once you change the energy, you change the outcome or results. If you are a believer of real authentic Feng Shui, then this is the method you will need.

If you know what to do, we do not (may not) need major renovations !

Of course if you are superstitious, then you will look for expensive items to place, lucky numbers or talisman to burn or stick on the door. Those are not real Feng Shui methods. Those are mixed with spiritual done by people who does not know real Feng Shui. These type of method, the good effects usually only last for weeks.

If you want to read his testimonial on his personal encounter after the Feng Shui change, go to this page.

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