Real Feng Shui

I have always been a strong believer in Feng Shui. Since my first home, I have engaged many Master. However, none has proved positive n consistence results.
This has changed when i met Master Alan. He was able to pinpoint the past problems in my house as well as potential issues which was going to happen. And, it did happen. I implemented his suggested solution and I’m grateful things start to improve over time.
This event has prompted me to learn from him. I hope one day with the skill and knowledge acquired, I’m able to help others.
So, why do i want to learn him? I guess the answer is obvious. He has proved to me, with positive effect in my current house. Next, his skill comes from proven and authentic lineage. This is very important as i do not wish to learn from some self claimed Master whom does DIY, self learning from books and without a recognized lineage.
The course itself is structure and informative, telling a lot about why this and that, making the understanding meaningful.
There are also relevant life examples n case studies which help to make learning purposeful. There is one very critical part of the course – Oral Secret. This differentiate make the true master.

Feng Shui Myth – Master Alan has all answers to those, made by DIY Master.

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XKDG Feng Shui

How do you use the Kinship of Hexagram in XKDG to get what you want, wealth, child, job promotion? Find it out during this coming XKDG Feng Shui course in July 24-27.

Within the Date Selection System for Feng Shui Application, XKDG date selection is one of the more comprehensive and complete system of date selection. The key to using is when you know the correct method. Join Master Leyau to learn the correct methodology in bringing in auspicious Qi into every feng shui audits or your premises.

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Another Reason to Learn from CAFS…

One most obvious thing about students studying from Master Francis Leyau is that they are either already seasoned students or practitioners…

Here are some testimonials from Students who have flown all the way from across Russia from Moscow, Kazan, Voldivostok and went home with full of satisfactions. I can imagine the hours of travelling…

First, I salute you guys for the dedication, seriousness and passion in Feng Shui. приветствуйте!

Second, glad to note that you have went back with a clearer picture of what true classical feng shui is all about.

I really love Masters Leyau course. The atmosphere was wonderful and unique. The master tunes his attention to everyone without exception; he as a teacher is very generous, thoughtful and friendly. A lot of new information, a lot of thinking and understanding after the course continues to expand and have more confidence in hands (that is, now I can really control and have better analysis).
Now, I also understand how to choose a reference point-the most important factor in each analysis. What is the Qi in relatively to the flying stars and how to read it together. How to put the chart in the top six, the differences between the elements in the stars, the influence of the stars to the facing and sitting ,how to use the right star to correct the negative energy and many more, just can not express everything – too much information.

What was actually recorded in the original texts of the master’s diary in Chinese! It’s energy matrix! And most important, were the structure of these Chinese classical architecture houses in the past cases help us to find the entire true of the incident happened. These cases itself contributed to the unusual variation of knowledge.

So, the course was more than excellent.

A HUGE thanks to the Master and his organizer – Marina Garyaninareally love Masters Leyau course.

Another enlightened student said:

I like to thank YOU very much!!!..for your knowledge, your open heart, your generosity and your support.

When You let me attend this course. No words can reflect my feeling, but just a simple word “Thank You”,

When I saw You, I feel so good, so happy, just like with my very close friends or my relatives (I can not explain the actual feelings I have inside me).

It was also a great pleasure to listen from You, to be taught by You, to see how You enjoy Life, cooking and eat with us, share your wisdom and take good care of each person.

I am very pleased to meet You in my life – You are the true Master, Teacher – so sincere, so simple but wise!

What I think about Er Zhai course???

Finally!!!! I can explain all that had happened in my house!

Like every other student, after years of study Feng Shui , I tried to improve my life, my place…

But before this course, I do not understand WHY having such a good stars in bedroom and study room, and good stars at the main door, I still have had some problems???!!! After learning from You, everything becomes SO CLEAR and so logical!!! And even easier.

This is the Master of the art – an easy and simple way to explain such an intensive knowledge, and use a lot of very interesting stories.

“Value what you have and not what you desired !” – You share your wisdom and your motto…

I value all I get in this course – meeting the Master and his students, his Flying Stars secrets, the
unforgettable memorable moments between the lessons…But I know there is still more to learn, to get to know…And I just can’t wait for more learning from You-Master Leyau.

Thank You!


Seriously, I cannot stress more about the importance of learning the true art of feng shui if you are dead serious about it & where better to learn from…..

But I caution you! we don’t provide celebrity styled dinning but home cooked dinning at Central Academy of Feng Shui.

Time for dinner but before that, I pen off with a thought “Think Value…Value is what you should be looking for!”… & IF after any Feng Shui course you cannot always fully explain the house ‘s fengshui…call me…I will make you Happy….just like this Happy Master…

Advance Flying Star Course

      Lastest Update:- Class is Fully Booked

Looking for a Feng Shui School that it’s method consistently works? Search no more! At Central Academy of Feng Shui (CAFS) under the guidance of Grandmaster Francis Leyau, you can be sure your level of expertise will reach a Professional Level.

This course is based on real case studies on audits done by Master Yen Pen.

-Case Studies on houses seen by Master Yen Pen where residents caught illnesses and were unable to recover due to poor Feng Shui layout. Not many schools can consistently define this. Why? and what is the secret?

– Recommendations done to the house and factory by Master Yen Pen on various encounters thus resulting good immediate results. Which method did Master Yen Pen used that is different?

– Numerous examples of poor bed and door positioning resulted in contacting infectious disease. Which way of bed positioning?

– Cases on how business owners prosper tremendously due to good feng shui. Is it by water fountain or….?

– Cases on why businesses still failed even though with good Feng Shui.

– Cases on misfortune happened to families living under one roof. Is it the compartment, the placement of bed or door?

– Examples of Master Yen Pen good understandings of the Old Classics texts, which enable him to unravel the true Feng Shui applications.

– All the real case studies will enable you to apprehend and to learn the meaning of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui to the utmost.

Frankly, many has tried to understand his works but many was not able to comprehend it simply because you need a master from the same lineage to fully appreciate it’s profound knowledge.

So come join us on this revelation on this 4 days course in  the comfort of the classroom and yet fully understand the above. Once you have acquired the knowledge, a breakthrough will come.

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