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Feng Shui Audit Advice – Part 1: The Spaghetti

Today while I was browsing YouTube, I typed the word Feng Shui and click search. Wow! the results was very interesting with Feng Shui videos ranging from all kinds of topics from Basics to drawing your bagua line till cleansing! They were all rather entertaining. They were not the best yet till I finally saw a video of a Celeb Master bringing some students to some Feng Shui Excursion where he was explaining how to perform Feng Shui Audit.

So to cut the boring stuff short, I gist it out some of the points which I felt funny.

Advice 1: The first and foremost step is to read the Bazi of all family members living or going to live in that house. He said that if the bazi is short of wealth then we have to activate wealth to improve wealth or the other 2 likely issues that most people would have is sickness and relationship issues. All in all the point is Bazi is diagnosis while Feng Shui is the prescription.

Then he went on to say “Feng Shui can only create results if you define what the results are…”

My Funny Thoughts : What if I can have all three (wealth, relationship & health) why would I choose one? or if a person’s bazi has no indication of health issue, can that person be “OK” to sleep in a “sickness” room or direction? or place the sick person in a “healing” sector like Tian Yi? Ha! then all ICU must be in the Tian Yi sector or is there any statistics to say that some sectors of hospitals has better recovery rate while in other sectors, patients mortality rate is high?

What if the couple has potential relationship issues in the Bazi is the Feng Shui solution to place them in a “romance” room. What if the romance is with an external party ? Would we be accelerating the so call relationship problem indicated in the Bazi?

What is the real relationship between Bazi and Feng Shui? Is it really a diagnostic tool versus a prescription?

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I would use a plate of Spaghetti to explain it since my friend is very good in making spaghetti & I have gotten some tips from him.

Let me put it this way, Bazi I would equate it to the noodle while Feng Shui the sauce. The spaghetti is what I call Life. Life comprise of many ingredients or you can say many components.

What makes one plate of Spaghetti greater compared to another?

It could be both the noodles and the sauce was in perfect match. 

It could be the noodle was great but the sauce was a little too salty.

It could be the sauce was perfect but the noodle was still a little raw.

That is the reality of life  isn’t it?

That is how I would see Bazi and Feng Shui as both are independent components of life but yet both are required to work in harmony to bring the best out of life and not trying to compensate each other.

If you were to believe that Bazi is diagnosis while Feng Shui is prescription then it would have been like this:

If the sauce is too salty, you add more noodles or soften the noodles more?

If the noodle is a little raw, heat up the sauce more or add some chilies to cover up the raw taste?

You decide…but I would think this is one way to get the students to attend the Bazi course. Great! learnt something.

“Feng Shui can only create results if you define what the results are…” I think this is more of Positive Affirmations than Feng Shui. I don’t think the Qi is that smart to understand this. Every night before the couple sleeps, they have to “define” to the room or bed that this romance sector is meant for both of them and not with 3rd party. Mr Qi are you listening?

I may be wrong …but my take is that the longer you “soak” yourself in that kind of Qi, you will become like the character of the Qi… Just like if you mix with a particular person a lot , you will somehow mimic him someway or other 🙂

So what and how is REAL Feng Shui ? To be continued…Part 2 – The Formulas

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