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Case of A Long Feng Shui Spell Broken

I was invited to view a shop and found something interesting about it.

The landlady bought this property about 10 years ago when it was new. As she rented out to tenants in hope to collect rental, most of them did not last more than 3 years and had difficulty to collect rent. The tenants either end up winding up the business or perish without notice.

This new tenant just rented first floor and thus asked my opinion about this since he hear this worrying news.

This is a case that would really test your flying star skills. Of course failing to explain one may revert to other method such as 8 Mansion system but it does not prove the authenticity & depth of the flying star knowledge. Flying Star is a very powerful and fast method for Yang Houses.

First is to determine the Facing which in this case is pretty straight forward. Next, the period, which is a Period 8 shop which applies either if you use move in or construction date. Lastly, where would you take the direction of the shop? Location A, B, C or D ? Without any of this correct, one can forget about even starting.

I took at all and it ended only 3 possibilities, either Sit Yi Face Xin (B&C), Sit Xun Face Qian (A) or Sit Chen Face Xu (D). I have also drawn out the 3 possible flying star charts below.

1st floor               Flying Star Chart

You can see for yourself why the previous tenants had difficulty in the business.

Upon my analysis, I recommended the new tenant to dismantle door C and keep the grill door at B. About four months later, he reported that business was good and he was usually busy with new inquiries.

Again, our flying star system has proven itself and more importantly it proves that Feng Shui can improve or destroy one’s destiny or in other words alter destiny.