Feng Shui Audit Process

The Feng Shui Master

When we buy a property, we usually will engage a highly trained Feng Shui Master to do an evaluation on the property. He is preferably comes from a Lineage school and not selected on the basis of popularity. This is because the process of Feng Shui is a highly guarded skills handed down generations to generations via a lineage.

This process is usually known as Feng Shui Audit or Feng Shui Consultation. So how does the process looks like? To make it easy for general public to understand, I have broken it down to 3 levels.

Macro Feng Shui

The first level audit or what I call the Macro audit is based on the surrounding environment of the property such as where the Dragons are and where the waters are. How the Dragons move and come affects the quality of the Human factor Qi and how the waters come and go affects the Wealth Qi. Collectively, if they can match in neat formation thus being able to lock the Qi, this is considered an ideal Feng Shui formation.

Micro Feng Shui

Now together with the property layout or intended layout, assuming you are building it up from sketch, the master will assess the type of Qi that this property will be receiving. Thus the primary objective is to tap the best Qi to improve the wealth and health factors. I call this the Micro level.

Personalized Feng Shui

He is not finished at this Micro level. There is another level which I call it the Personalized level. It is called the personalized level because the master has still to match your date of birth to the house to ensure you get the maximum benefits. Without this level, the feng shui formation is at best average.

To finish the audit, is to ensure the auspicious place to have the stove, the work desk, bed and etc. A good add on is of course an auspicious date to move in to new property. The date selection method for actual feng shui formation is a highly specialize one and not plucked from the Tong Shu.

You can summarize the above into this chart:

Fengshui-consultation model

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