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Feng Shui Of Modern Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been thought of as the country of Feng Shui practitioners but how did they perform their Feng Shui? Was it skills or coincidence of time such the reform of China by Deng Xiao Peng.?

One of the significant event that happened to Hong Kong apart from the 1997 hand over was the recent years of protest that marked the deterioration of stability in Hong Kong. If you have followed the news in Hong Kong, especially after the construction of the new legislative Council and the Chief Executive building in 2011 on the reclaimed Tamar site facing Kowloon and Victoria harbour, there have been a series of poor business performance and host of other issues.

History Of Hong Kong

Hong Kong was seceded to Great Britain after the Qing Dynasty lost the Opium war but it was due to return to China upon the lease period which is 1997.

The 1997 handover was a peaceful one and things remained calmed. However most young Hong Kongers are still unhappy over the fact that HK is under China under the 1 country 2 systems rule and for some reason most people don’t understand why because there has been no restriction or sidelining of the people of Hong Kong ever since its return to China. Things gets more intense after the new building was used. Before 2011 there were demonstrations here and there but it was not so well organized. The last 2 major demonstrations was well organized as if they have been trained. Here is a brief chronology of events.

2011New Legislative building ready
2014First Major protest termed the Umbrella movement.
2019Protest of the Extradition rule in June. Stormed the Legco building in July. The protest even spread to inner parts of Hong Kong such as Yuen Long.

Many masters have discussed about this subject but mostly was talking about the shape of the building and some says the earth luck of Hong Kong has expired. Is there such thing as expired earth luck?

I will discuss the current Feng Shui and then in my next posting I will refer back to the old days during the colonial rule of Hong Kong when she was flourishing.

They use canon, rifle shape as part of Feng Shui rituals. It amazes me frankly. I still remember who told me a master asked the insurance company to clad the building in the shape of coffins.

Case of 2 Bank Rivalry Using Feng Shui In Hong Kong

One bank had a blade shape and this shape was blamed as the reason why the HSBC was not doing so well. You may read my previous posting on this in one of my blog. just do some searching there are many treasures inside. To counter that blade shape, 2 canon was installed as the cure to the Sha energy brought about by the blade shape building.

Holes in the building to allow the Dragons to Fly Through…

Such are the primary method of application of Feng Shui in Hong Kong or Made in Hong Kong Feng Shui.

The Traditionalist Feng Shui View

However, I am a traditionalist and will use my lineage of Flying Star Feng Shui to dissect briefly the luck of Hong Kong resulting from these series of events to do a brief diagnosis .

First of all, Feng shui is very much about land formations and less about shapes of buildings. Those who are highly trained in real Feng Shui will understand me very well. Talking about building shapes is considered an entry skilled Feng Shui or folklore level. Due to the nature of metaphysics or 玄学, there will always be some coincidence especially when you work it backwards. The ultimate skill in Feng Shui is to predict forward not backwards (马后炮).

Thus why after most of the changes using these methods do not produce long term results but only placebo ones is something I think we all should ponder upon.

The Chief Executive Office is Sitting South Facing North towards Beijing or Kowloon just opposite the Victoria Bay. This formation is suppose to favour female and hence Carrie Lam became the CE after this building was built. However there are a few flaws in the landscape that do not warrant this formation to bring auspicious Qi to Hong Kong. It only weakens the authority of the CE. A typical case of intention and implementation mismatch.

Chasing The Time Dragon

You can trace the history and it was proven back in 2014 when the Golden dragon sees the Yellow Emperor , the Umbrella movement started. This year 2019, its the Purple Star meeting the Yellow fueled another crisis. July 未 is a very bad month as the situation got out of control since this month (未)the Broken Army star is in attendance. August 申 will see some relief but September 酉 is going to be another crisis month.

In fact what started as an opposition to the Extradition Bill became a full blown riot where buildings were damaged, businesses were badly affected, hitting police, desecration of legislators ancestor’s grave seems to have be bringing things out of hand.

Feng Shui Effects Are Real

Feng Shui has effect on our lives regardless if you believe it or not. Real Feng Shui is about energy and not about superstition or religious rituals. It is about finding the right knowledge to predict the future of a family, company or country. That is what Emperor wanted to achieve, so that with good energy the country will prosper.

Look at Malaysia, Putrajaya or South Korea’s Blue House, ever since they enter service as their leader’s office, things has never been really smooth. I have also written an article about it.

If things remain as it is, by the year 2021 there will be another major riot, fires and the army will unleash its full wrath because the arrival of the Broken Army star. Broken Army star is one of the fearsome star during Period 8.

Good Karmic Deeds & Human Will

If they are willing & able to find the right master to help improve the Feng Shui of the Legco building coupled with some legislation adjustments, I believe Hong Kong will be back on track.

I don’t want to sound like only I can do it, after all these are just my personal views. Its all about affinity now and the will of Hong Kongers to pray and accumulate good karmic points to bring the situation back to balance. In this respect I believe the business community in Hong Kong can play a role to ease the housing problems there.

So if Annual Star 9 is one of the supporting culprit of this crisis, then by 2020 Rat year in February, things will take a calmer tone in Hong Kong. in fact by January 2020, when monthly star 1 arrive, it should begin the tone down. Let’s see if Flying Stars is correct….

Update From Jan 2021

This year is not a good year for HK too. Do expect some form of unrest or litigation in the Ox 丑 year.

More updates as we go along….

Update 23 Jun 2022

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