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Green Dragon Overrun

Clients and students that has been doing consulting asked why San He Feng Shui does not work well. Well I guess it boils down to the practitioner and not the art.

There could be a few reasons to this,

  1. The practitioner did not learn the correct lineage knowledge.
  2. In experienced
  3. Wrong method or self discovered method or unproven method
  4. Self learn or studied from books
  5. Did not understand well the theory & the underlying fundamental instrument of each theory.

There are a myriad of factors that can affect the quality of a house Feng Shui. Today I am going to share one part of this case. It is a property located in a up-scale area where many rich people live. It was a case some years back.

I summarize the house chart below.

SE1 Feng Shui Consultant

This house was selected by a very famous Feng Shui Author / Speaker from Kuala Lumpur. The owner after staying in this house the business went bust within about four years. There is a hill behind this property with 2 embracement beautifully circling the house conforming to San He Green Dragon crossing Ming Tang. The front side has a fairly wide Ming Tang. The main door was right in the center of the house , is a huge beautiful wooden door.

They tried a few formation using different water mouths but after each trial, yet could not solve the problem.

Despite several visits he could not solve the problem until the problem solve itself by causing major financial burden to the client. Everything has come to an iota.

When I arrived at the house, immediately I noticed the problem after taking the measurement. The client was surprised that I have not even entered the house, how come I already know this house is not in good Feng Shui formation.

Flying Star Feng Shui(*) is powerful method from the San Yuan school and not only capable for prediction, it can and has remedied the problem as in this case. We are all happy.

* There are many versions of Flying Star, I only speak for our school of Flying Star.

Wishing all Christian Readers a Merry Xmas Holiday.

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