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Recently I audited a factory up north of Kuala Lumpur, nearby the capital town Perak State, Ipoh. This factory has an interesting story behind but more importantly a lesson to learn from.

About 5 years ago, a new owner Robert (name changed) who was doing well then, bought over this factory and engaged a well known Feng Shui Consultancy Company from Kuala Lumpur to audit this factory in hope of further prospering the business. A senior consultant cum who happened to be also a course instructor from that company was dispatched to audit this factory. I shall briefly share some of the information here.

He also requested the owner put a large water fountain in the middle of the factory apart from some table and office arrangements or settings for the directors.

After the audit and the owner implemented the changes, the factory operations and sales has not been good ever since. A lot of problems happened to the directors of the company and the company was bleeding financially ever since then . They were puzzled as to what actually happened.

So what actually happened?FengShui Consultant Malaysia_celebrity feng shui

Now that the owners could not take it anymore, they have requested my assistance to understand why this has happened. In my audit, I found that there were actual flaws in the previous audit because either the theory was wrong or he has mixed too many methods and killed the Feng Shui of the factory. Also, the external factors was also flawed. The Period used was also wrong. The location of the doors and sectors were also in auspicious location. Instead of bringing auspicious energy to it, the opposite happened. Thus it resulted in a series of misfortunes.

The factory is Sitting West, Facing  East.

Now since it is too damaging already, they will have no choice but to downsize and hoping to find a better Feng Shui premise so that the Eastern Mountain may rise again 【东山在起】- to stage a come back.

I hope this will help students/people looking for proper Feng Shui consultation to understand that having proper Feng Shui knowledge is more important than engaging a Famous Feng Shui master because the owner is truly very disappointed after paying such high consultancy rate & caused them such financial issues. For this reason, the owner has encouraged me to post this article to educate others the importance of Knowledge over Fame.

Don’t just learn any Feng Shui, learn the authentic ones. The extra effort pays! One can doubt my advice now but the results will show eventually.