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Tilted Door

For a long time most Feng Shui celebrity masters says that a tilted door is akin to a crooked mouth. Its ugly and creates sharp edge sha 煞 and many others sha (destructive) forms. It goes on to say that it is the last desperate move to restore the feng shui. How true is this?

The Tilted Door a.k.a. Crooked Mouth

A door is tilted or being re-angled to achieve certain feng shui criteria for the purpose of restoring the feng shui of a property. The reason we do a tilted door is all for the feng shui reasons to draw in auspicious energy. The primary objective is to draw good or auspicious energy for the premise. At the same time there are many other schools that tilt doors in accordance to their school of thoughts. Thus one has to understand that not only the San Yuan Schools does tilted doors but other schools as well. San He boys does that often too.

Each and every school angles the doors according to their own theories. I have seen how a Bazi Feng Shui practitioner angle the door to fulfill his own theory. So you see, tilting door or angling the doors is no big deal. However one must be sure what is one doing! The effects can be catastrophic if done wrongly.
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Yin zhai feng shui

Yin Feng Shui Downing A Legacy

Yin Feng Shui or Ancestral Feng Shui

It has been sometime that I have not written something on Yin Feng Shui or also known as Ancestral Feng Shui / Burial Feng Shui. This is a very important process in the Chinese tradition because we revered our ancestors very much and hence put in the importance of honoring them even after they have completed their lives here on earth.

As we Chinese belief, this is one of the most powerful method of feng shui that can help a family rise to great heights and also cast a spell on the descendants for many years if done wrongly. This is sometimes a scary thing that most people today decided to cremate rather than bury.

Of course cremation also makes better sense in today’s situation simply due to scarcity of land as well as the high cost associated with burial. After cremating, they can put the ashes into a columbarium.

Example of a Columbarium

Yin Feng Shui Principles

Yin Feng Shui is very dependent on the land formations and the skill of the Feng Shui master to select the land which is called a Xue spot 穴. The Xue is considered a good spot with the strong and auspicious energy that can prosper the descendants through the bones of the deceased. Many may find this concept hard to accept but it is a fact and today modern science is able to explain.

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Case Study, Consultancy, Testimony

Celeb Feng Shuied

Recently I audited a factory up north of Kuala Lumpur, nearby the capital town Perak State, Ipoh. This factory has an interesting story behind but more importantly a lesson to learn from.

About 5 years ago, a new owner Robert (name changed) who was doing well then, bought over this factory and engaged a well known Feng Shui Consultancy Company from Kuala Lumpur to audit this factory in hope of further prospering the business. A senior consultant cum who happened to be also a course instructor from that company was dispatched to audit this factory. I shall briefly share some of the information here.

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