Yin zhai feng shui

Yin Feng Shui Downing A Legacy

Yin Feng Shui or Ancestral Feng Shui

It has been sometime that I have not written something on Yin Feng Shui or also known as Ancestral Feng Shui / Burial Feng Shui. This is a very important process in the Chinese tradition because we revered our ancestors very much and hence put in the importance of honoring them even after they have completed their lives here on earth.

As we Chinese belief, this is one of the most powerful method of feng shui that can help a family rise to great heights and also cast a spell on the descendants for many years if done wrongly. This is sometimes a scary thing that most people today decided to cremate rather than bury.

Of course cremation also makes better sense in today’s situation simply due to scarcity of land as well as the high cost associated with burial. After cremating, they can put the ashes into a columbarium.

Example of a Columbarium

Yin Feng Shui Principles

Yin Feng Shui is very dependent on the land formations and the skill of the Feng Shui master to select the land which is called a Xue spot 穴. The Xue is considered a good spot with the strong and auspicious energy that can prosper the descendants through the bones of the deceased. Many may find this concept hard to accept but it is a fact and today modern science is able to explain.

However, I am not going to dwell into this in this posting. Belief or not is up to you to decide. I am going to share here a real case of a famous politician in Malaysia who the father’s grave was done by a very famous Yin Feng Shui master in Malaysia. He also has many famous students here but what went wrong?

This politician father passed away in 2013 and engaged this very famous feng shui master to do the burial, I was told. Then approximately one year later, this career took a small slide but his health was badly affected after about 2 years later. He was then on off his official duties and had lost a lot of weight since. It is a pity as this is an intelligent, well educated and capable person in many ways.

It was by coincident that we stumble upon the grave and upon checking it was concluded not a good site. It was then a passer by, who over heard us, highlighted to us who’s grave it belong to.

In the study of Yin Feng Shui, land formations is very important and selection of the right Xue spot is crucial to the prosperity of the descendants or at least not to bring harm to the descendants. Usually a feng shui master will spend quite a lot of effort to find a good Xue spot. This entails many factors to be considered but it is the first important process.

Xue Selection

The next important thing is the setting of the tombstone. The tombstone is next most important thing to set by the Feng Shui Master. The correct alignment will bring prosperity while the wrong alignment can cause grave disaster to a family descendant’s & lineage.

Example of a Typical Chinese Tombstone

What Went Wrong with the Father’s grave?

First the Xue was wrongly located. This Xue will bring sickness. Secondly, the Xue is located too high and allows vital Qi to disperse. The tomb stone setting is also in the less fortunate degrees. This will cause the down slide of his career. The actual event and time to happen is coming very soon.

While Yin Feng Shui is just like Yang Feng Shui, the effects will set in as soon as the burial and starts to accumulate over a period of time, till upon a certain timing, something will happen whether it is good or bad. It is something like how a catalyst works.

This is the scariest thing about Feng Shui is, the effects slowly creeps in like breathing in bad air every day and after some years the person is diagnosed with lung cancer. Bad energy is tasteless, no smell, cannot be felt and measured by scientific instruments but it will come. Perhaps it is sometimes said “God has His mysterious ways.”

Does Yin Feng Shui work? To me Yes! as it was predicted before it was told to us. To the skeptics, they may say that it is just a mere coincidence.

The lesson learned? Is Famous = Capable? Think Again. Better to collect more good karma to meet a credible Feng shui master.