Adios Bing Shen 2016

If I have to choose, then Bing Shen 丙申 is one of the wonderful years for me.

This year there had been many first and major breakthroughs for me. Breakthrough in career as well as my Feng Shui and Bazi career.

In my other than Chinese metaphysics field, it has also been an exciting year as well but I will not dwell too much in this post.

In Feng Shui and Bazi, I have gained many new insights as well as good feedback from clients and students. Successful Feng shui projects, authored and launched my new Book Winds of Change with co-author Mr AuYong, had a few seminar talks for big companies, set ancestral tablet, created my Bazi Divination tool and many more.

As a Teacher

My greatest satisfaction is seeing my student getting results in their lives as well improvements. Those who practice in Bazi or Feng Shui, they have started to give professional consultation and getting good feedback as well. This I guess is one of the best consolation being a teacher.

As a Feng Shui Consultant

When getting feedback from clients about their improvements and most of all clients who keep coming back when they buy new properties. This is one of the best testimonials I get although I don’t get to share them always since most of my clients likes CONFIDENTIALITY and staying low profile.

New Office From Repeating Client

Of course on the flip side, choosing not to be a celebrity master, although better suits my personality but it also means that I can only help the smaller community. Hopefully, I will meet my clients when they are in less worse conditions and not when after they are in bad shape that they have a chance to meet me for a solution.

As a Bazi Consultant

Being able to advice and show clients their weaknesses and strengths is one best way to get them back on track for greater success. Helping husband and wife communicate better, saving broken marriages, pre warning them of impending issues are just some great ways to live life.

Although Bazi method is usually slow as it depends on the person themselves for corrections, their actions in the right path does make an impact in the longer run. This has been proven by people who have been enlightened, with persistence and patience.

As A New Author

Winds of Change is my first book and hope will be the many to come in the future. It was not an easy task as I initially thought because there were many processes Do’s and Don’ts in publishing a book. However, it was a exciting experience.

Winds of Change

But beyond this experience it the noble idea we had together and the passion for it that made us took the plunge to invest both time and money into this endeavour.

I still remember how we lamented on the current state of how Feng Shui and Destiny reading is being sold for huge economic returns. This should not be a problem but unfortunately this art of Chinese metaphysics have been badly twisted, miss represented, over promised, over sold and badly under deliver to the point this art has been labelled as a “black art” where there are many bad experiences. We know because we have met many and corrected many.

There are schools who have thousands and thousands of graduates being produced with big certificates on graduation but hardly could help themselves if not land them into trouble.

So instead of just lamenting, we thought why not do something about it. The end result was this book Winds of Change. We hope this winds of change will improve the image of Feng Shui.

As a Student

Always feel blessed to have my master’s wise guidance and support. Although we have differences in opinion, nonetheless I always feel blessed my masters (Bazi and Feng Shui) are doing well and in good health.

As a Blogger

It gives me a sense of satisfaction that my readers have enjoyed and learn something from my postings. When I started out this blog many years ago, I was very motivated to blog, to bring out more awareness on the practice of feng shui and bazi in hope that less people are cheated. After many years later today, I come to realized that everyone has a mission to fulfill. Just as these people are meant to make others a celebrity rich for a small or no value in return.

As much as I would like to write more, I find it less and less motivated to blog. Time is one reason. The other reason is the lack of motivators. Perhaps the right time has not come.

However, I will continue this effort as I would not want to disappoint my genuine blog followers.

As a Human

As I enjoy a blessed year due to Bazi & Feng shui good Annual energies, I do have few hiccups but this is life, nothing in life is permanent nor perfect. Lessons learned and the wiser I have become. Having client(s) who do not have appreciation is just as annoying as having mosquitoes around. Having results and yet want more is just pure human greed. No wonder they are seldom happy.

Perhaps this says it all…Greed is insatiable.

Be happy with what one gets. It’s already a blessing. Wait till one day they meet a hocus pocus master, they will know what is the meaning of contentment.

Last but not least, I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas & a Wonderful 2017 and may you attain your dreams and enjoy good health.

Best Wishes,

Alan Chong