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Is Flying Star Feng Shui Dying – Part 2

Since the last article posted on this topic was in 2015, perhaps after a long while to revisit and update what has happened ever since, that I have observed. Let me list them and put up some commentary just to update my small group of students & readers.

Still Attacking Flying Star System

Since 20 years plus and still counting, there have been endless “attacks” or provocation that flying star system is inferior and too simple to be taken seriously especially from the San He stream because they believe that Feng Shui is beyond Flying Star based on some failed or sub par result.

Of course there are many fake Flying Star Feng Shui knowledge out there. Some of you may have read my cases on failed Flying Star cases done by others. In the coming future, I will also share a real case in our Youtube channel.

Behind this action there are motives just like the Chinese saying, There can be no waves without wind. Feng Shui schools started this action is to ultimately upsell to other student’s with this FOMO disease. If you look at their course offered, surely they offer a wide variety and San He is surely one of them.

When you put Feng Shui into a purely business perspective and trying to understand the moves, perhaps I will offer a few perspectives and link it to business strategy. Hopefully, I am able to help you open up your third eye!

FOMO Students

There are many people who always fear of missing out because they believe that there is more to offer in Feng Shui because they have been sold the idea that Li Ka Shing uses Feng Shui, you get what I mean?. Thus along this line, they have to impress FOMO with dressings, flouting wealth, posh shops etc to reinforce that with their Feng Shui, one will literally move towards you towards the Li Ka Shing dynasty dream.

FOMO being FOMO, will likely fall into the trap. Some of you reading this may relate well since you are still pretty broke after all the power courses. Nothing anywhere near to being Li Ka Shing in the next 10 years. If you are pretty much where you were before, consider yourself very lucky. Many got worse off after applying these type of Feng Shui. If you know stories like this and would like to share, I welcome your stories here. Someday in the future, I can share a very interesting case of a FOMO. Also watch out my Youtube channel for an upcoming case.

Changed Theories

I observed that some school have altered their theories from time to time. Thus students from different batches will have different theories. But why is this happening? Well, if you believe in science, then you call it a new discovery from Research work. This I can accept.

However, if you still remember that this is a Chinese metaphysics subject, which have existed since few thousand of years ago. When you tell me new discovery, I am worried because it means what I was told in the past are fake! Then I will wonder how many lives have I destroyed !!!! What more it opens up a can of worms. This teacher he was just selling all the while, he is not a true lineage master.

A lineage master will have inherited the correct concept from their masters for generations so it will be a constant, no more new theories. This is an ancient art, not new science! Would you like to pay me to experiment on your life so I will find out new Theories in the coming future ???? OK, I’ll do it for you FREE! Would you like to try?

I believe your answer is a big NO NO!!! Then why do you still subscribe to channels like this ?

Industry Espionage

Part of the reason is Industry espionage where students are sent to other schools to learn and bring back the “new technology” for dissecting. This is a small investment for them because they can resell it for big money. They just have to focus on branding themselves to get the Quantity.

Sales is always a product of Quantity and Price. Increase either one factor, you will have better revenue. Coupled it with good branding surely you can increase both and thus all of them are investing heavily in marketing. A good example is this. In Malaysia and Singapore is a very hot country why would you wear a suit? Simple, it’s branding.

Industry espionage happens because they do not have a lineage to pass on the real answers to them so they too are a FOMO, trying to get the puzzle together to have a fuller picture. They too are puzzled why some cases they did failed despite they have a huge arsenal of different knowledges?.

Why Still Attacking Flying Star?

So you may ask me now, how is this related to Flying Star? Why people are not happy with Flying Star?. Business competition is normal when you start to look at Feng Shui as a business more than anything else. There are few ways to kill off your competition. Let me share with you.

Of course you have to be perceived as credible threat before they choose to target you right? Take that as a compliment. This alone speaks volume of the skills and knowledge that Real Flying Star method possesses.


In marketing you have to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. Some do it the proper way or by hook way while some does it the, by crook way. Thus some will claim their lineage from as far as ancestry of Qing Dynasty, some will teach you beyond just Flying star as the the ultimate Feng Shui secrets and some further supplement it with side arts like divination arts.

Nothing wrong with this if its true right? If its not then will bring disaster to people. Once I have student who came and later I found out he “is an imperial master’s descendants”. He used the art that he learned from me to predict accurately and then sell expensive items/ornaments as a solution. I disowned this student and never thought him anything further after I found out. He went to other schools to learn and continued this journey in Feng Shui till today.

If I have an imperial master’s descendants learning from me, I should be honoured right? No I feel shamed. Anyway karma will hold each of us our responsible for our actions ultimately.

Lost Leader Strategy

Some richer master will resort to what we call a Lost Leader tactic, that is put up this knowledge for free or for a very low price to kill this subject. So when people fail after applying Flying Star that they thought then they will upsell to more powerful Feng Shui method, which is of course….. Self justification come come in….there! I told you Flying Star don’t work ! Sounds familiar ?

If you think it is familiar then you have likely taken the bait. A more evil version of this known as the Earth Scorched Strategy, that is to destroy the market completely.

Some masters will relegate this dirty job to students to teach freely on internet. They will always justify by a disclaimer like you need to self validate the theory that he is teaching/sharing with you so the Karma falls on the learner and not on him. If you like free Feng Shui stuff just google, Facebook or Youtube and you will find many. You can literally learn a course for free if you are good in searching.

The purpose is that with this free knowledge, hopefully, people will shun away from this art eventually because if they ever learn it, sometimes it won’t work or sometimes create some bad results. Yes occasionally, in some cases it does work. In the long run this experience shall make the public confused with the efficacy of this system, then, in their hope people will abandon this challenger and go for their revered system.

However, my advice is please self validate it on yourself first. Don’t try on others so that you do not accumulate bad Karma.

The reason is very simple, you will not share something if its really good. If a share trader is so good in making millions why does he teach you for free? People pay so much just to have 1 hour lunch with Warren Buffet. The best headline that I have ever read was something like how to be financially free….when the speaker is still paying the house installments. It convinced me that there are a lot of suckers out there really!.

Thus why you never see any masters in the past teaching this to the public even though historically, Feng Shui masters are never rich money wise. You can check it out yourself. Why they don’t share it to be public if its that good and they are not for the money? Think! There is a moral obligation behind.

Jiang Da Hong, Yang Jun Song, Lai Bu Yi, Jiang Zhong Shan do not have mansions or castles, in fact He Shen, the corrupted officer had the wealth greater than Qing dynasty.

Cast A Brick To Attract Jade

In Chinese it is known as 抛砖引玉 and the purpose is throw something useless to them cheaply into the market and later upsell you for a premium course after you have bitten the brick bait. They will usually like to use Flying Star as the bait.

I still remember someone in the Europe did this and went to later to sell his ultimate Feng Shui skills but not after selling you his Brick course of 8 mansion and Flying Star in exchange for the jade in your hands. If they believe that Flying Star is a useless skill then why sell it to their students in the first place? It raises my eyebrow on the integrity of this “master”.

Perhaps he is just a commercial man after all and has little or lack the passion for the art or lacking patience to built up the reputation in an honest way. I see in many other industries where people teach for a buck and there is no problem so long what you exchange is of true value and no ulterior motives.

In Preserving The True Art

Flying star Feng Shui will not die, especially the true art. If heaven can create this art, Heaven will preserve this art to the honest candidate. Just like Yin and Yang, there will always be constant balancing between the good and bad, between the truth and fake and this is nature. The defining line has always been the virtues or Dao. It is the Dao that will forward the nature of life.

Is real Flying Star, is that all taught outside today? Of course not! If yes they would have had many success cases JUST by using Flying Star ALONE. So it proves a point, real flying star knowledge is beyond the mundane world.

If you believe Energy can melt an object like steel, Feng Shui energy can alter a person’s destiny. If you believe taking fake medicine can kill, same as fake Feng Shui can kill. I have written this long article with only one objective in mind.

Be careful of what you learn, from where you learn and what you do after learning.

Man of this art who do not do good will have incurable disease or a tragic deaths. One may wear what ever beads on their hand or over the neck, nothing will stop the karmic forces when it comes. Just open your eyes and watch.