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Feng Shui Review – Bangsar Village 2

Dug out an old article written one half year ago…

Adjacent to its older sister Bangsar Village 1, BV 2 is the slightly newer addition to the Bangsar shopping scene. The shopping centre  opened its doors in January 2007-houses less common designer brands and inherently quirky eateries and cafes.

Visibly outstanding is Delicious café with its hanging white bird cages, located at the corner of the shopping centre with a street-view of Jalan Telawi. Spanish high street label Zara has a store here for women and there is a smaller version of the massive bookstore Borders, called Borders Express. BV 2 has a Celebrity Fitness outlet for adults and a Kizsports & Gym for the young ones. The latter has a rooster of programs that combines education with fun and fitness to aid children’s learning.

bangsar village 1

For a high end shopping center it has to compete with The Gardens, Star Hill, KLCC and Pavillion, just to mention a few. So human traffic is not the main factor for profit due to the higher margin. With good human traffic, for sure the profit will be generous.

Any mall I guess Human Traffic is one of the Key Success Factor if not the deciding factor.

What caught my attention is the doors of BV2 are tilted doors. Many school profess that they know the secret of Door Tilting so let’s investigate why the original Master have done this and how was the effect for this mall that has been opened for 5 plus years.

It is a West facing building for a start. I spent almost half day walking around the stores from floor to floor and checking out the stores on a public holiday. Other than the food outlets and Legoland the others were not much of customers. However, my observation may not represent the reality for say over a year.

Feng Shui Comments

The wind gap sha will not only bring bring the financial gains, the people factor in this building will also be hampered.  Human factors include human relationship or relationship between parties in the building.

The business that will suffer the most is the ladies fashion business.

The connecting bridge between BV1 & BV2 is also not helping BV2 and probably staff working here will have higher MC or sick leaves.

bangsar village

My Views

Nonetheless, it has good land forms supporting this mall. If not for this land form, it will not have survived this long. A quick survey on the surrounding shows this mall some doors located correctly and hence can bring in some good Qi to the mall to keep it in business.

Can this mall be better ? Yes of course, first you can plug the “wealth leak” and enhance the Qi Map of the mall.

Concluding, from the Feng Shui point of view, this mall can survive and perhaps some outlets can do with some profit but I doubt it will be anytime near great. Only with financial figures that we can tell if this is true but thus far from limited observation it surely don’t seems to be a great mall.

This building was audited using Flying Star Feng Shui.