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When The Sun Rises From The East

Here is a real case of a Period 7 house Sitting NW3 Facing SE3 (亥山巳向) This is one easy case to demonstrate how to use Flying Star Feng Shui to do a prediction.

It is an office waiting to go for renovation after an Feng Shui consultation done in June 2015. However, the auspicious date selected is sometime soon and they are in need of fresh sales. The sales manager asked me about a deal the have put in a great deal of effort and have been  following up and yet have not got any good results thus far.

I told him Oct 2015 (10th month of the solar calendar) is likely month when the good news will arrive. This week he informed me that they got the good news last week. The analysis as below.

Feng Shui Master_P7SE3 househttps://fengshuimechanics.com/fengshuiconsultation/

Note: Red numbers are the Annual Stars while the Purple numbers are the Monthly Stars.

Feng Shui Master_P7SE3 layout

Note: Yellow Doors are downstairs. Blue doors are on 2nd floor. The floor plan has been simplified for illustration purposes and not to actual scale.

This year the side door has the 1 white star which is already a good sign. But why 10th month? This is because the arrival of the monthly 8 White to the manager’s office & the 9 purple star on the rightful place to complete the link. Once the link is completed, it is when the event has a higher chance of happening due to alignment of auspicious energy.

But wait! isn’t the manager room’s door is afflicted with the Annual 5 Yellow? Yes! but in this case we have applied temporary cure for the office pending renovation & there is some additional advance knowledge use. However, this does not apply to every case or houses. It also have to depend on the spatial possibilities to allow this to happen.

There is always a Time element in our life, may it be in our destiny astrology (Bazi) or Feng Shui. At times all we can do is to wait positively and in the mean time, do what is necessary to achieve it. When the time comes, the sun will rise from the East. Meanwhile, have a good night of sleep.