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Xuan Kong Flying Star…Getting to Know The Stars 03

Today I will talk about Star 1, the last good star that I going touch in this series of Getting to Know Your Stars…Maybe I will give some tips before I talk about the bad stars…

Star 1 or known as Tan Lang Star, loosely translated as Greedy Wolf..(not Colour Wolf of Valentine!) is a good star in the sense also a Good Wealth Star. Most of all it is an Intellectual Star. If you want to conceive smart babies you can use this star.

How to use or which star to use, I will not dwell on it now. Xuan Kong Flying Star is an extensive subject and has to be viewed in totality not just a single star. But one needs to know the stars well in order to tell the house well.

Coincidently, Star 1 is also White in colour and this year it goes to the North Sector.

If you have read all the posts before you should notice that all the good stars are white in colour.

But please don’t think that wearing white shirt will bring you good luck…

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Xuan Kong Flying Star…Getting To Know The Stars 02

Today it is Star 6 turn. Star 6 in Xuan Kong Flying Star is also known as Wu Qu (武曲) Star or the Military Star. It is also White in colour. Star 6 brings wealth especially in the form of promotion but more in the field of Military. Anything associated with force or use of brawn energy is what can be brought by this Star.

Wu Qu star is also commonly called the 6 White is also associated with Nobility, that is receiving help from benefactors. This year 6 White goes to NW sector.

Next I will talk about another Good Star, the 1…

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Xuan Kong Flying Star…Getting To Know The Stars 01

In this series, I shall talk about the key stars of Xuan Kong but let’s start off with the Good ones since the Chinese New Year is just tomorrow…

At the end of the good stars postings, I will summarize some tips how to activate them and who can use them.

This Year the Star 8 goes to NE sector. 8 is also known as the Zuo Fu star and the colour is White, so it is normally known as the 8 white….not Egg White!. It is a good star and brings wealth and prosperity, assist in promotion and progress esp in property luck.

Next I will talk about Star 6…

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What Was in 2012…What’s Coming in 2013 ?

2012 has been a fun year for us and me in particular. We have launched our Flying Star courses in Kuala Lumpur by CAFS Certified Instructor and it has been really fun and fullfiling to receive student’s feedback on the course as well some of the cases they were not able to understand before now understood. So Knowledge is priceless but I say real knowledge is really priceless. I always remind myself this phrase, 明师出高徒  & not 名师出高徒.[Great Master produces Great Students & not Famous Master producing Great Students]. I am glad I chose the former.

Master Leyau also has launched his signature course San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia, a course not known well by other masters. What is found in books are only at a superficial level but Master Leyau has such proficiency in this subject that students can observe the intended “phenomena” in Date Selection thus completing the study of San Yuan School of Feng Shui.

Yes PSY became famous overnight with his Gangnam Style.

Year of the Ren Chen has also brought along some challenges to me personally but thankfully I have managed to overcome it. The lesson I learnt is that apart from having good feng shui, human’s must earnestly put in real effort and with a positive mindset, things will turn out fine. I also thank my friends/colleauges/subordinates who had stood by me.

2013 Snake

Coming 2013…we shall continue to teach the real art of Xuan Kong Flying Star in Kuala Lumpur/Malacca. We also plan to bring back a few other courses back to Malaysia depending on our limited time and resources. We will announce in due time so keep coming back for updates.

As for me, I shall continue to improve on things that I have neglected in 2012. The list is long but please bear with myself…haha…Humans by nature is resistant to change.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Master Leyau & my friends in CAFS & Students whom have made my journey a very memorable one. In our journey of life & quest for true knowledge, what is better than having a good company to share and go along?

Tonight while people are counting down, I am posting to the arrival of 2013…haha..Cheers!