Feng Shui

Xuan Kong Flying Star…Getting To Know The Stars 01

In this series, I shall talk about the key stars of Xuan Kong but let’s start off with the Good ones since the Chinese New Year is just tomorrow…

At the end of the good stars postings, I will summarize some tips how to activate them and who can use them.

This Year the Star 8 goes to NE sector. 8 is also known as the Zuo Fu star and the colour is White, so it is normally known as the 8 white….not Egg White!. It is a good star and brings wealth and prosperity, assist in promotion and progress especially in property luck.

Now that we are in the Period of 8, it is known as the prosperous Qi because it is in it’s rightful time frame. As we move into Period of 9, it will soon be a retreating Qi.

If you are worried about your current property being less auspicious you may get in touch with us for a assessment before reaching period nine in 2024.

Next I will talk about Star 6…

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