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Xuan Kong Flying Star…Getting To Know The Stars 04

After I have talked about all the 3 good White Stars, I touch on Star 9 for several reasons.

Star 9 also known as You Bi Star has the colour Purple and hence also commonly called the 9 Purple.

Although 9 is supposedly a good star in Period 8 due to it’s timeliness but let’s not forget that it’s natural character is a Double Agent. The usage of Stars in Flying Star Feng Shui has many layers but I will only touch the surface in this posting to avoid confusing readers.

So the behaviour of 9 Purple is conditional upon the circumstance as it appears. When 9 Purple shows the good side, it can bring fame and happy events but when it turns ugly, it can bring sickness, chaos and stupidity to the house.

When a consulting a house feng shui, we are particularly careful with 9 Purple.

The other reason I have choose to blog about Star 9 is that it is also an Education Star similar to Tan Lang. However, there is a subtle difference in their character and ultimate usage but as a tip for parents having children facing major exams this year, you may use the 9 purple’s beneficial energy.

In 2013, Star 9 goes to the South.

Today is the Last Day of Chinese New Year and also a Valentine’s day, Chinese version. So single ladies will usually take an  Orange, makes a wish and throw into the lake in the hope that their Prince Charming will come soon in a White Horse…


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Education Success, Can Flying Star Achieve it?

Just received a call from a client I did early this year. One of the thing she was concerned is that of her son’s PMR examination.

She was elated that he got straight A’s.

Such is the ability of Flying Star if one knows how to use it. How to Feng Shui a house for Education Luck?

There are 2 good stars for education in Flying Star but not always they are usable so as a consultant you must be able to evaluate how and when it can be effective.

Not all flying star knowledge are “born” the same. 🙂

What a nice piece of news for me to end 2012! Cheers! Good night.