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Education Success, Can Flying Star Achieve it?

Just received a call from a client I did early this year. One of the thing she was concerned is that of her son’s PMR examination.

She was elated that he got straight A’s.

Such is the ability of Flying Star if one knows how to use it. How to Feng Shui a house for Education Luck?

There are 2 good stars for education in Flying Star but not always they are usable so as a consultant you must be able to evaluate how and when it can be effective.

Not all flying star knowledge are “born” the same. 🙂

What a nice piece of news for me to end 2012! Cheers! Good night.

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Celebrity Feng Shui For You?

Back in 2008 a celebrity Master published a book on water feng shui & later a senior consultant from that school published another book from the same series…

In the book, they say that for apartments, the date to determine the period chart of the apartment is the move in date of the first occupant.

This is half wrong!

If everyone try to DIY Feng Shui, buys this book and do it themselves…gosh…imagine the wrong period chart means wrong flying star feng shui, I cannot imagine what can happen next to this person….May god bless him.

So How to Feng Shui your home? Simple! get the right school and you will do fine..

You can see that this is indeed dangerous. It only proves a few things.

1. They don’t know what they are teaching as the foundation on understanding real feng shui is not solid. They don’t even understand the concept of “Qi Enclosement”.

2. They don’t have lineage to prove their understanding is correct and working. So, probably they try and error based on their own understanding of classic texts.

Think! Good marketing does not necessarily mean you are going to learn Real Feng Shui…you get Celebrity Feng Shui. 🙂