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Celebrity Feng Shui For You?

Back in 2008 a celebrity Master published a book on water feng shui & later a senior consultant from that school published another book from the same series…

In the book, they say that for apartments, the date to determine the period chart of the apartment is the move in date of the first occupant.

This is half wrong!

If everyone try to DIY Feng Shui, buys this book and do it themselves…gosh…imagine the wrong period chart means wrong flying star feng shui, I cannot imagine what can happen next to this person….May god bless him.

So How to Feng Shui your home? Simple! get the right school and you will do fine..

You can see that this is indeed dangerous. It only proves a few things.

1. They don’t know what they are teaching as the foundation on understanding real feng shui is not solid. They don’t even understand the concept of “Qi Enclosement”.

2. They don’t have lineage to prove their understanding is correct and working. So, probably they try and error based on their own understanding of classic texts.

Think! Good marketing does not necessarily mean you are going to learn Real Feng Shui…you get Celebrity Feng Shui. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Celebrity Feng Shui For You?”

  1. But more importantly, they don’t understand the consequences of teaching and practicing the wrong feng shui and harming people’s lives.


  2. Hi, if the Flying Star chart is correct they will know it because they will see the truth in the interpretation of the chart and how it matches in their lives. If it does not match their life it is the wrong chart. The difficulty comes when it is a brand new premises or a person is moving into a new premises and the history of previous occupant to the premises is unknown. Then it is the skill of the interpretation that counts. I agree that move-in date is not the right approach.


    1. Hi Jodi
      I have the opportunity to checked on the works of some of their works & that is what prompted me to write this.
      In feng shui we have to sure as we are dealing with the lives of others. One of the latest case i checked the client sufferred for few years…and yet cannot solved until last year when the remedial was done it changed the family life.
      Yet they have been charged a hefty sum.
      The one reason the audit failed was because he used the wrong flying star chart…the rest i would not comment further.
      Just to share no hard feelings.


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