Monthly FengShui

Monthly Flying Star September 2012

Hi! here is the September star chart which starts on the 7th September as we enter the month of 己酉!

This month San Sha falls on the East side!

NE too has good stars going to this sector. South is fairly good.

5 Yellow flies to the East Sector this month. There are no remedy by putting statue nor carry amulets. At best you can hang a copper wind chime or bell to reduce it.

The way the stars are “triggered” depends on a few factors and of course different schools will read it differently and you may read it as per your school or what ever book you have learned.

Please read this chart together with your house natal chart or base chart.

For us at Wu Chang Sect (无常流), the utilisation of the natal chart is quite different as the presence of a good star is meaningless if you don’t tap into it. The way we tap into is no merely having your bed or desk or have a water feature at that sector . This is the basic level of flying star. There are additional layers in laying the feng shui formation which makes our method more potent.

For example it does not mean that only East facing houses will have potential issues, other facing houses can also have it if the natal chart has it triggered. Also, does not mean that if you sleep in a NW room you will not have the problems . You can also get it if the above formation is fulfilled.

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