Learning Feng Shui 1


Ho Lok Sang in his translation of Dao De Jing noted this “….the Chinese language is such that one word can carry multiple meanings, it is easy to be misled. But Laozi never worried about this problem, because after all the insight has to come from within. So he is sure that those who sincerely seek the truth will see the truth….”

In his preface he wrote “In the same way, Laozi (often spelled as Lao-Tzu), who wrote the Daodejing, tried to describe the indescribable. The truth about the human mind, and about the universal mind, cannot be sought from without. It must be sought from within us. This understanding is a gift, and is not acquired. Indeed, those who try to seek that truth from without are bound to fail. Indeed, we need to unlearn to rediscover the gift.” This I concur with him.

I believe the same applies to Feng Shui. This is why a Lineage is important if one is serious about learning the art.Chinese usually write in poem form. In poem, the sentence are shorten. They are meant to be expanded orally by the teacher. It’s just like zipping the file and unzipping it back later. You may think of it as ancient way of encrypting a knowledge.

What made it more difficult is that Chinese character carries multiple meaning. Just like the word Fang 方。 It can mean direction and also location. So when does it mean direction and when it means location?

With a lineage perhaps one can still be wrong, what more a self-learnt master, can he be sure that his interpretation is correct and do you think in his limited lifetime, he can accumulate the experience to validate his interpretation?

The last part noted by the original author of Dao De Jing, Laozi, is that the rightful owner will find the right meaning. Chinese believe in affinity and Heaven always have His peculiar way in passing down the information. This is the reason why a Master can have 10 students but not all can master the Master’s knowledge and skills except a few.


As the feng shui knowledge is expanded & commercialized, the more it skews to one direction. Today the mis-lead out numbered the real. Thus only the rightful will be lead by the hands of heaven.

I was discussing with my student the other day and she asked me why is it that the misled did not want to be corrected because after learning from the celebrity master and spending so much money they could not perform feng shui audits and bazi readings.

My explanation is because the celebrity master has a rich man bazi or destiny. In order for him to be rich as written in his destiny or bazi, someone has to fulfill that in this physical world. Thus why this people who has no passion in the art just keep signing up courses after courses so the celebrity master can be rich as unfold by his destiny. These students were never given a place in the true art but merely agents of wealth to the celebrity master.

Undoubtedly, the master was good in marketing and sales talk. The company was well brand.

Some students eventually have become self disillusioned. They just have to self pacify that their knowledge is still good.Understandably, this is painful for them to accept. Some tries to cash back by teaching it at a much lower fees.

Since so much money is spent but still could not be qualified to do feng shui audit, many are shameful of this fact and have resigned from it. I have known a few “masters” or practitioner who has left this industry. Some of them have badly mess up their clients and their conscience have taken a toll on them. But they cannot learn from other masters as this can rather hard for a “master” level person. As a result they decided to retire early.

Time will tell as this celebrity master is changing to an unfavourable luck cycle very soon. Given in next few years, we shall see if he remains strong as before or can his feng shui knowledge overturn heaven’s will. As the Chinese saying goes ” the paper can never wrap the fire”. The truth will come out someday.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I hold no grudges against anybody. However, the point is about the TRUTH.  The Truth if  a bad Destiny (a.k.a Heaven’s will) can be easily overturned or Feng Shui is a miracle panacea as sold.

If his business can continue to soar beyond 2019, then it will be true that he posses superior skills and if not, the truth is all before about marketing hype.

Destiny can be improved, Feng Shui can help but either way they need sincere effort and the CORRECT knowledge, some time and moral behind.

There is nothing wrong in wanting a business or getting rich in this field. Giving hope is good and noble but false hope will only land others more hurtful later.

Feng Shui is not just tool to improve our life but there is a profound philosophy behind. Having the right understanding helps us stay on the right path. Life is after all as Sages put it, is to have fulfilling one and not a rich one.